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Test your knowledge: Questions 41-50

Almost exactly on the border between which two provinces, right beside the Trans-Canada Highway, will you find an Avro Lancaster?

August 26, 2009  By Wings Magazine

41. Almost exactly on the border
between which two provinces, right beside the Trans-Canada Highway, will
you find an Avro Lancaster?

a) Que./N.B.
b) Ont./Man.
c) N.S./N.B.
d) Sask./Alt.

Answer: (a) – KB 882 flew seven missions
with R.A.F. Bomber Command No.6 Group, 428 Squadron in the Second World War.
After the war it flew photo reconnaissance. Its last flight was to Edmundston,
N.B., in 1964.

42. The top 150 North American airports
processed 10,440,909 fewer passengers in 2008 than in 2007 –
1,536,461,474. Which Canadian city's airport enjoyed the biggest increase
in passenger throughput in 2008?


a) Hamilton
b) Gander
c) Quebec City
d) Kitchener

Answer: (d) – Kitchener's (Region of
Waterloo International Airport) passenger traffic soared 34.9 per cent. Gander
was right on its tail with a 32.5 per cent increase. Hamilton was the biggest
loser with a 17.7 per cent drop.

43. On October 4, 1975 which Canadian airport
received the Concorde supersonic passenger jet for a special celebration?

a) Mirabel
b) Pearson
c) Quebec City
d) Yellowknife

Answer: (a) – Concorde 02 (F-WTSA) flew from Paris to Montreal, via London and
Ottawa for the opening of the Mirabel International Airport.

44. Which Canadian company laid claim to
having built the world's first 360-degree air traffic control training

a) Raytheon Canada
b) ATS Aerospace
c) Adacel Inc.
d) CAE

Answer: (b) – Located in St. Bruno, Que.,
ATS sold it to Austrian ATC provider Austro Control, which began using it in
1994. Struggling financially, the 1998 ice storm drove the last nail into the
company's coffin. The Australian company Adacel bought the business for a
rumoured five cents on the dollar.

45. For how many days in August 2009 were the
Snowbirds Demonstration Team scheduled to perform in Canada?

a) 9
b) 24
c) 14
d) 3

Answer: (c) – The team was scheduled to
perform at eight venues, from the Abbotsford International Air Show in B.C. on
Aug. 7, 8 and 9, to the Air Show in St. John's, N.L., on Aug. 22 and 23

46. The Siskins aerobatic flying
team was established in 1929, and lasted until 1932. Its squadron leader
became the first RCAF pilot to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross
in the Second World War. What was his name?

a) Ernie McNabb
b) Johnnie
c) G.R.
d) Dal

Answer: (a) – All
four of these Second World War pilots were awarded the DFC. McNabb was awarded
his on Oct. 22, 1940, Kent, Russel and McGregor theirs on Oct. 25, 1940.

47. Alexander Lilly, instructor,
test pilot and Second World War veteran, was the first Canadian to achieve
what feat in an F-86 Sabre jet?

a) break sound barrier
b) vertical climb
c) eject safely
d) in-air refuelling

Answer: (a) – Depending on the source, he
did this on Aug. 8, 1950, Aug. 9, 1950, or "a few days later."

48. Between 1950 and 1958, Canadair
Ltd. built how many F-86 Sabre jets?

a) 1,211
b) 815
c) 1,815
d) 2,111

Answer: (c) – These planes were assembled
at the Cartierville Airport in Saint-Laurent, Que., now abandoned and the site
of a Bombardier factory.

49. It is a shame that no large Canadian
airports are named after our aviation pioneers.  However, an aviator called Michael Zubko is honoured in this
way in which town?

a) Snare Lake
b) Tulita
c) Tsiigehtchic
d) Inuvik

Answer: (d) – The Inuvik/Mike Zubko Airport,
in the Northwest Territories, was named after him in 1995. He is a member of
the Aviation Hall of Fame.

50. William Wallace Gibson is recognized by
Alberta Aviation Heritage for which aviation first?

a) successful airplane engine
b) first float plane
c) first biplane wing walk
d) pioneer of barnstorming

Answer: (a) – He is credited with building a six-cylinder,
three-carburetor engine. By the way, he also designed and built an aircraft
called the "Multiplane."


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