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Thomas Cook Group airlines will fly paperless

The four airlines of the Thomas Cook Group in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Belgium and Germany are fitting their cockpits with state of the art electronic flight bags (EFB), through which their pilots may retrieve all relevant flight data electronically.

June 2, 2015  By Thomas Cook

These HP ElitePad 1000 G2 tablets will allow the cockpit crews to access CUBE, its data and implemented applications on software developed specifically for airline operations. This will do away with the many kilograms of traditional paper documents like navigation maps or operational manuals. CUBE, currently one of the most innovative and unique systems on the market, combines every applications into one system: the entire crew-side information management, including all manuals and information notices, performance calculation, LIDO map sets, reporting tools, computer-assisted learning programs, as well as web based flight briefing packages with all weather data. The native, state of the art update process, using 3G/UMTS, automatically brings all applications up to date.

“This innovative approach is a great achievement for the Thomas Cook Group Airlines and sets the highest standards, alongside an innovative system, which only Thomas Cook Group Airlines use and which makes the daily work much easier on board for the crews, and can additionally save an average of around 2000 kg of fuel a year on a Boeing 767-300 flight from Frankfurt to Las Vegas, effectively reducing CO2 emissions. This also benefits the environment,” says Christoph Debus, Chief Air Travel and Hotels Officer Thomas Cook Group. “The successful implementation of the mobile device strategy project is another step towards the harmonization of four flight operators, who have set themselves the target, as Thomas Cook Group airlines, of becoming Europe’s best leisure airlines group.”

“Thomas Cook displays the innovative processes possible with mobile IT today,” says Jochen Erlach, Managing Director & Vice President of Printing and Personal Systems, HP Germany. “The basis for this is a well-thought-out strategy and seamless interaction between mobile devices, apps and IT infrastructure.” All 41 aircraft in the Condor fleet are operating with the new CUBE system. The electronic flight bags with CUBE are currently being implemented in Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Scandinavia and will be followed by the Group Airlines in Belgium.



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