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Today’s FBO Themes: Space + Expansion

The FBO business in Canada is relatively young.

October 3, 2007  By Rob Seaman

60-fbothemeThe FBO business in Canada is relatively young. It was not until the
late sixties that service and support facilities in Canada began to
emulate their US counterparts.Today, major airports have a healthy
competition raging between multiple operators – all striving to win
market share and client loyalty, and to support aviation needs in
distinctive ways. This translates into good news for customers as the
service providers vie to win market share with innovative facilities,
amenities and service concepts.

Looking at the FBOs across our nation, the current buzzword seems to
be ‘hangar space'! Availability gets tighter all the time, thus the
need for space. As more aircraft come into operational use through
expansion, upgrades, new owners and first-time operators, FBO managers
have come to live in constant fear of everyone being home at the same
time and as a result not being able to offer space to visiting aircraft
– especially during inclement or seasonal weather.

At Vancouver International Airport, Scott Harrold, general manger of
the Piedmont Hawthorne Shell Aerocentre, reports that the hangar is
full, without an inch to spare. Generally, he finds that the tenants
are working hard and flying as much as possible and that business is
good and steady for all the FBOs and the airport as a whole.Always
inventive, Scott reports a brisk trade in Vancouver's role as
‘Hollywood North'.As he puts it,"I love having films shot here. It's
exciting for the staff and tenants to become part of something they
know will be seen around the world. We've also found it to be a unique
extra source of revenue.We are getting quite a reputation as a
corporate meeting site.That great view from our boardroom and our
catering attract a lot of folks to rent the facility – and that too is
helping add to our bottom line."



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