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Topflight SATCOM achieves Boeing certifications

Nov. 23, 2010, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France - Thales is pleased to announce the certification of its multi-service TopFlight satellite communication (SATCOM) system on the Boeing Next-Generation 737 and 777 passenger aircraft, after completing successful flight tests at Boeing.

November 23, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

The Thales TopFlight SATCOM is the first ARINC 781 SwiftBroadband-enabled SATCOM capable of simultaneous flightdeck and cabin communications certified for production installation on the Next-Generation 737 and 777.

The Thales TopFlight SATCOM provides a dedicated channel for Inmarsat Classic flightdeck voice and data and another channel of SwiftBroadband for non-critical flightdeck voice, Boeing Electronic Flight Bag and cabin applications. The technology originates from Thales UK’s Crawley facility

Peter Hitchcock, Head of Thales UK’s Avionics business, says: “Being first to market for this new technology on both the 777 and next-generation 737 is really important to us. Over 20 airlines have already selected Topflight Satcom and now that we have passed these milestones with Boeing we will be able to bring its benefits to even more operators.”

“People are amazed to see the level of technology that we have included in such a compact system. Not only does this have huge benefits in terms of weight/drag reduction, but the ability to bring SwiftBroadband into the Cockpit as well as the Cabin allows operators to access dramatically lower data transmission costs and faster speeds. We expect this to drive demand in the same way that connected IFE and Wi-Fi/GSM systems are doing in the cabin.”



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