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Tork introduces new range of task-based wipers

This fall, the Tork brand, made by Essity (formerly SCA) landed in the Aviation industry with its wide range of tasked-based wipers. Designed specifically to meet the demands of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MROs) technicians, Tork wipers help minimize aircraft maintenance downtimes, making the use of rags obsolete.

November 10, 2017  By Tork

Tork provides a series of customizable wiping and cleaning solutions geared towards the Aviation industry. Whether it is for general maintenance like wiping hands, cleaning large spills and parts, or other tasks sensitive to linting or where static discharge poses a problem, Tork has a wiper optimized for the job. Furthermore, dispenser systems located across workstations allow technicians to quickly access clean wipers designed specifically for tasks. By using these wipers, technicians are estimated to take up to 20 per cent less effort, 30 per cent less time and use 40 per cent less solvents.

In addition to streamlining aircraft maintenance procedures, the wipers provide:

  • Consistent Performance Every Time: Unlike rags, Tork industrial wipers are designed with different capabilities for a wide range of tasks. Furthermore, each wiper designed to tackle specific activities has the exact same specifications and efficacy. Many products in the range have BMS (Boeing Manufacturing Standard) or AMS (Aerospace Material Standard, SAE) or are tested for Electro Static Discharge. Gone are the days of uncertainty surrounding effectiveness and consistency.
  • Safer Working Environment: Depending on the thickness or composition of a rag, high quantities of solvent may be required to complete a task, exposing technicians to volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Task-based wipes like Tork Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths with exelCLEAN™ technology offer consistent performance, absorbing solvents quickly and releasing them evenly, decreasing VOC emissions and requiring up to 40 per cent less solvent to get the job done.ii This helps provide a safer working environment for technicians, helping MROs secure and maintain International Standards Organization (ISO) certification.
  • Organized and Clean Work Space: Tork wipers are uniform and come packaged to help make organization and tidiness easier to achieve and maintain. Wiper dispenser solutions from Tork also take up less space than bulky bagged rags, which have substantial storage requirements. Tork wipers are also disposable, so once a task is complete, there are no rags left around creating a risk of cross contamination, or clutter.

“We are excited to expand the work we’re doing within the aviation industry through the Tork brand,” says Tom Bergin, Healthcare and Industrial Marketing Director for Essity Professional Hygiene, North America. “Aviation maintenance technicians are responsible for billions of dollars worth of equipment, and ultimately the safety and lives of passengers the airplanes carry. Through our decades of experience serving customers in highly-specialized fields like light and heavy manufacturing as well as automotive where effectiveness and consistency are key, we are confident that these aviation-specific solutions will take our customers’ business take flight.”

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