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Toronto Airways Flight Training adds Level 5 King Air simulator

March 2, 2011, Toronto - Toronto Airways (TAL) Flight Training offers programmes to Canadian students and also has established itself as a global provider through association with Beihang University’s (China) commercial pilot training programme.

March 2, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

In addition to a large fleet of training aircraft, TAL Flight Training also offers several flight simulators up to and including a recently added Level 5, King Air Simulator – the first and only of its kind within the GTA – and two Cessna 172S Level 5 units.

The three “sims” were developed and installed at Buttonville over a two year period by Fidelity Flight Simulation, Inc. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Fidelity offers a wide range of flight simulators and training devices for defense, commercial, business, and general aviation for both fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft. The Fidelity C-172S and King Air simulators purchased by TAL Flight Training include six degree-of-freedom motion base and 3-axis dynamic control loading.

TAL Flight Training use these “sims” in their Integrated Pilot’s Programmes – comprehensive course designed to train its flight students from primary through CPL and ATP licenses. Rental of the units is also available for recurrent training and IFR renewals. Interested parties are encouraged to contact TAL Flight Training for further details and costs.



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