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Transport Canada and industry partner to improve aviation safety

Transport Canada hosted the 5th annual meeting of the Canadian Aviation Executives' Safety Network yesterday.

September 18, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

OTTAWA, May 1 – Transport Canada hosted the 5th annual meeting of the Canadian Aviation Executives' Safety Network yesterday. The network enables Transport Canada and leaders from the Canadian aviation industry to work together to enhance aviation safety in Canada.
"Canada's New Government must continue to work with the aviation industry to maintain the public's high level of confidence in the safety of Canada's air transportation system," said the Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. "The Canadian Aviation Executives' Safety Network provides an ideal forum for senior executives from Transport Canada and industry to explore new opportunities to continue to reduce risks to safety."

More than 85 industry leaders attended this year's conference, including representatives of air carriers, pilot associations, manufacturers, air navigation service providers and airports from across the country. The
attendees discussed ways to maintain and improve Canada's already enviable aviation safety record with the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS).

"The Safety Management System is an international initiative recognized as the most significant advancement in aviation safety in recent years. SMS helps instil more accountability and a positive safety culture throughout aviation organizations and the industry as a whole," said Mr. Michael DiLollo, senior vice president of Air Transat. "I believe that the development, implementation and maintenance of SMS in all areas of aviation activity is key to improving the safety and well-being of the aviation industry."
The introduction of SMS regulations in June 2005 coincides with the decreasing accident rate in Canada's commercial airline industry. SMS is not self-regulation, it is not de-regulation and it is not about reducing the number of inspectors or cutting costs. SMS adds an additional layer of safety oversight to Transport Canada's existing and ongoing oversight programs to help make a safe system even safer.
Transport Canada established the Canadian Aviation Executives' Safety Network in 2003. The forum enables key decision makers from Transport Canada and the aviation industry to identify aviation safety challenges, develop strategies to address them and engage in regular dialogue regarding the viability and direction of the aviation industry in Canada.

For more information on SMS, please visit the Civil Aviation website at



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