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Transport Canada takes full authority for business aviation

March 18, 2010, Ottawa - Canada’s Transport Minister John Baird announced Tuesday that Transport Canada will take back the certification and oversight functions for business aviation from the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA). This change will come into effect on April 1, 2011.

March 18, 2010  By CBAA

With this change, Transport Canada will take back from the CBAA full responsibility for issuing operating certificates to new applicants as well as for processing changes to existing certificate holders. Operators will continue to be responsible for complying with requirements for maintaining their aircraft and Transport Canada will continue to assess compliance.

During the next year, there will be limited change for business aviation operators. CBAA will still be responsible for certification of business aviation until April 1, 2011. In the meantime, starting April 1, 2010, Transport Canada will begin enhancing surveillance of the Association’s certification and oversight functions. During this period of transition, Transport Canada will conduct a complete review of its surveillance and regulatory structure for business aviation operations. 

CBAA will be working with Transport Canada our largest government stakeholder and partner in aviation safety to ensure a smooth transition for CBAA POC holders.

CBAA will continue to be the voice of Canadian corporate and business aviation in Canada’s Capital and represents the interests of member companies and overseas affiliates at the local, national, North American and International levels. 


The CBAA is proud of the vital role its members play as part of Canada’s aviation infrastructure, supporting local, regional and national economic development, as well as ensuring Canada remains competitive in the global economy.


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