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TSB investigation into mid-2020 Murphy Aircraft collision with terrain

January 19, 2021  By Wings Staff

Occurrence flight track, with final turn in inset image. (Source: Google Earth, with TSB annotations)

Transportation Safety Board of Canada released its investigation report (A20W0046) into the fatal mid-2020 loss of control and collision with terrain of a privately registered Murphy Aircraft SR3500 in Rolly View, Alberta.

Outlining the event, which claimed the lives of three people, Transportation Safety Board (TSB) explains that on July 3, 2020, an amateur-built Murphy SR3500 aircraft, also known as the Murphy Moose (high-wing 4-seat aircraft), departed Cooking Lake Airport in Alberta to conduct seaplane endorsement training. The flight included one pilot, one training pilot and one passenger. The aircraft was equipped with amphibious floats.

After a touch-and-go on a lake to the east of Cooking Lake, TSB explains the aircraft (Privately registered as C-GATR) proceeded to the southwest. While maneuvering in the vicinity of Rolly View, Alberta, TSB explains the aircraft departed controlled flight and collided with terrain. All occupants were fatally injured and there was no post-impact fire as the aircraft was destroyed.

For details about the aircraft’s flight, weather during the event, how the aircraft stalled and entered a spin, as well as information regarding current seaplane rating training requirements, visit TSB’s investigation page for the full report.



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