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Two hurt at StandardAero plant in Winnipeg

Dec. 19, 2014, Winnipeg - The spray from an aerosol can ignited, creating a 'flash' that burned two Standard Aero employees at a small explosion at the company's Winnipeg plant near the James Richardson Airport Thursday.

December 19, 2014  By CBC News

Kyle Hultquist, a senior vice president of marketing and communications at Standard Aero’s corporate offices in Tempe, Arizona, said in a statement it’s not known why it happened but confirmed that the injuries were not life threatening. 

He said the heat from the spray apparently burned the employees. An investigation is underway to figure out why. 

Hultquist said the injured employees’ names are being withheld until their families can be notified. 

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services’ acting district chief Doug Hansen who was on the scene said one worker had burns to the arms, the other to the hand and face.


Hansen said the employees were taken to the burn unit at the Health Sciences Centre.

The incident happened just before 11 a.m. CST. 

On the scene, Hansen said it was unclear what caused the explosion but that it was relatively small and caused almost no damage to the plant.

Hultquist confirmed the building was immediately evacuated and said the company is working with authorities in the investigation.

Emergency crews, including the Major Incident Response Unit or MIRV, along with fire trucks and an ambulance rushed to the plant this morning but were clearing the scene shortly after noon. 

It’s the second fire at the Standard Aero since September.


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