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Uflytv launches new aviation channel

Uflytv has launched a new digital HD video service that features a wide range of aviation topics.

February 27, 2017  By Uflytv

“Think of it as ‘The Aviation Channel’,” said Tom Poberezny, corporate consultant. “It provides access to vibrant programs that meet the highest network television standards.” Uflytv, which can be viewed through the Internet, offers six and 12-month subscriptions.

Members can stream hundreds of dynamic films varying from three to 60 minutes in length on their iPhones, iPads, or laptops. Currently there are over 220 titles. Other films will be added in the coming year. Some of the films originally appeared on the Discovery Communication/Military Channel. There are films that are narrated by celebrities like Gary Sinese, and David Hartman. “People are going to be surprised by the breadth of content that includes rare historical footage never seen before,” said Poberezny. “Initial reactions of viewers indicate that Uflytv has universally exceeded their expectations, in terms of quality, network standards and excitement.”

The films focus on aerobatic icons, unusual aircraft, formation flying, GA aircraft, and heroic missions that fall under categories like “Voices of Valor,” “Missions That Changed the War,” and “Warbirds in Review.” The content is exciting and, at times, inspiring.   

Uflytv is an active network that is expanding its scope of offerings to cover everything from ultralights to airliners and outer space. They expect to enlarge their activity to include live streaming of aviation events and will develop an aviation news segment.


“Anyone who has a passion for aviation is going to find this series a rewarding and stimulating experience,” said Poberezny. “Uflytv is the result of a dream and a commitment to story-telling.”

Uflytv has partnered with Aircraft Spruce & Specialty for the launch of the network and some programs to be announced in the future. “We see tremendous educational and entertainment value in Uflytv,” said Jim Irwin, president of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty. “We are eager to see this venture succeed and endorse it wholeheartedly.”


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