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U.S. aviation law firm seeks to join Germanwings crash lawsuit

Eighty families of those who died in last year’s Germanwings crash that killed 150 people when a jet was deliberately flown into a French mountainside are looking to a U.S. court for justice.

April 14, 2016  By Bloomberg News

For the passengers’ loved ones left behind when Andreas Lubitz committed suicide by flying a Lufthansa-owned Airbus A320 into a French mountain, U.S. District Court appears to be the best venue for the kind of robust damages they say could force the airline to change its medical-screening practices.

German law precludes the kind of punitive awards common in America, and the same kind of pretrial information sharing, or discovery, in civil actions. That’s why a New York law firm that specializes in aviation disasters is focused on a Lufthansa-owned flight training school in suburban Phoenix. | READ MORE


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