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With a focus on critical missions and operations, complex asset management, technology integration, and specialist training, our global organization of over 35,000 personnel helps customers around the world to improve the capability, reliability and availability of their most critical assets within the key market sectors of Marine, Land, Aviation, and Nuclear.

Operating in Canada since 2008, Babcock networks committed experts with purpose-built Canadian teams to design, build, operate and maintain assets vital to the delivery of critical public services. Our more than 500 personnel in Canada work across various facilities, located in: in Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Victoria. We are developing effective Canadian solutions to address Canadian challenges with trusted expertise born of global experience.

In the Aviation sector, Babcock ensures that the pilots and aircrew trainees of our partner nations receive the world’s most comprehensive flying training. We work with air forces, navies and armies to deliver world class technical instruction across multiple locations and aircraft types. Our expertise in each and all of the associated support elements ensures the training programme is working as one.

In Canada, Babcock is proud to have been selected by the Government of Manitoba to deliver vital wildfire suppression services, as well as key components of their critical-care air medical transportation service. Together, we are working to protect the communities and resources of Manitoba.

We also deliver vital aerial emergency services around the world. Whether it’s fighting forest fires in Portugal, Italy or Canada, or operating emergency fleets of medical aircraft for the Italian or Norwegian governments, Babcock is an essential partner in providing complex and critical solutions around the world.

As a Transport Canada Approved AMO, Babcock is authorized to perform both non-specialized and specialized maintenance on clients’ aircraft. With over 25,000 square feet of hanger space in Manitoba, Babcock’s AMO covers non-specialized maintenance on Beech King Air, Canadair CL 215, Canadair CL 415/215T, Cessna Citation 560 and Gulfstream Turbo Commander. As well, Babcock is approved for specialized maintenance on aircraft sheet metal structures and aircraft avionics/instrument systems.

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