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Aerial Firefighting Virtual Symposium
October 22, 2020 at 1:00pm ET


Executive Flight Centre

Executive Flight Centre’s core business has been aviation fuel for more than 40 years. It holds an established network of infrastructure, dedicated aviation trucks, and long-term relationships with Canada’s primary fuel refiners to ensure a dependable, reliable fuel supply of Jet A1 and Avgas (100LL) to customers throughout Western Canada. The company has been a provider of aviation fuel to aerial firefighting operations for over 20 years, gaining expertise in servicing forest fire operations and delivering fuel to remote areas, including: Cost effective scheduling for fuel deliveries, fast and reliable turnaround for quick deliveries; recommended fuel delivery solutions to remote areas so operators experience minimal or no downtime; and tailored fuel.

In addition to aviation fuel, EFC offers flexible mobile fuel storage and dispensing solutions for direct into helicopter or into aircraft for remote locations. Its mobile fuel tankers are self-contained transportable fuel storage that range in volume capacities. These environmentally safe systems are double walled, can be transloaded, are equipped with easy use for into aircraft, and bulk loading components.

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