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VisionSafe launches factory training program

Oct. 4, 2011, Las Vegas, Nv. - Days ahead of the opening of the 64th annual NBAA convention in Las Vegas EVAS manufacturer VisionSafe goes formal with factory training program dubbed –EVAS-OnSight.

September 30, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Aircraft equipped with the Emergency Vision Assurance System, better known as EVAS have corrected a known safety deficiency to the FAA’s recommended part 25 standards for flight deck smoke protection. In response to customer input related to EVAS training options, VisionSafe Corporation has added a new initiative called “EVAS – OnSight” that provides a comprehensive factory training program available to flight crews “onsite” at your location. The program eliminates travel costs, scheduling problems, and your overall cost of EVAS training.
VisionSafe’s “EVAS – OnSight” training program familiarizes pilots with the correct deployment of and procedures for the EVAS system. EVAS – OnSight customers choose the training environment because the courses are offered in customer aircraft or in the now familiar mobile cockpit smoke simulator.  EVAS – OnSight has numerous safety benefits to the flight crew including the replication of an actual smoke emergency using our enhanced “dry” smoke water based smoke system.
Crews may have had the opportunity to see how well EVAS performed during one of our product demonstrations, “but a demo is not training, and we know that the best safety device is a well trained pilot” notes program manager Kurt Poruks, “EVAS – OnSight completes the process, and we are pleased that we can offer this program”. Most EVAS operators were convinced during a product demonstration. Visionsafe believes that EVAS – OnSight will take the crew’s current knowledge base for EVAS and expand it into a classroom session and a simulated smoke in the cockpit emergency for pilots.  Hands on training is really the only way to completely familiarize pilots with EVAS. Production EVAS units are designed for a single use deployment and can’t be repacked in the field. Deploying your own EVAS units for training would require Service and Overhaul and incur a significant cost for a flight department, EVAS – OnSight brings the full experience to the customer’s doorstep.
“We will bring everything needed for the training with us, and each participant will get the full experience” explained Poruks, quipping “VisionSafe- committed to our customers’ safety – because — When you can’t see, you can’t fly.


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