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WennSoft announces new operational solution

March 15, 2012, New Berlin, Wis. - Today, WennSoft announced the availability of WennSoft Evolution – a complete operational solution for organizations focused on work order management, asset management, installation, field service and maintenance.

March 15, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

The solution is designed for equipment or asset centric organizations in the energy, construction, communications, and manufacturing and distribution industries.

Built on the Microsoft xRM framework, Evolution delivers asset management, maintenance agreements, simple and segmented work orders, field service, advanced dispatching and scheduling, mobile solutions for field technicians, quotes, purchasing and invoicing, and includes Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. It can operate as a stand-alone solution; it can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP products; and it can be integrated with other business application software and services.

“Evolution has been designed to help organizations who want more – market leaders who know that keeping the customer at the center of your business sets you apart. They need the complete solution delivered how and when it fits their plans, with the flexibility that allows their organizations to grow untethered,” says Julie West, President and COO of WennSoft.

Relationships First
Evolution provides users the information they need to build and maintain long term relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors, and to accurately track all tools, equipment and assets. Strong cross-department cooperation is supported by roles based access to information and the workflow to drive timely action. The ability to collaborate through the use of mobile and portal solutions ensures customers and technicians are informed. Sales and service are aligned and customers’ expectations are met.


Access and Accountability
Evolution enables accountability by providing access to all information — whenever it’s needed, from any location, and from multiple devices. Access to information drives action – dispatch can graphically drag and drop activities and appointments to ensure SLAs are met. Technicians, tools and equipment can be scheduled on work orders reducing trips to the office. Marketing can track warranties and ensure clear communications and follow up offers are delivered on time. Sales and service have a closed loop – so no opportunity is left unaddressed, and consistent service is provided. Asset managers have a pulse on their own, and their customers’ equipment, with tools to manage simple to complex hierarchical relationships, streamline model configurations, and track utilization and maintenance. The result: Cross organization accountability drives limitless business opportunity.

Choice and Flexibility
Evolution grows with a company. It can be implemented in phases, or at once across the entire organization, based on customer requirements. Furthermore, Evolution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. And it can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated with ERP applications, additional operational software packages or web services.

Evolution supports Microsoft Outlook as a client, giving end users a familiar, intuitive work interface. It is also accessible from a web-client. Finally, technicians in the field can use multiple devices across operating systems —iOS, Android and Windows 7 — to access FieldTech, a mobile solution that has both online as well as “Store and Forward” capabilities.

“With almost two decades of delivering operational solutions to customers in these markets, we’ve had an incredible advantage in building Evolution.’ says Jim Wenninger, CEO of WennSoft. ‘Evolution delivers the competitive advantage that so many companies are looking for – the missing link to their operational success.”

Evolution can be licensed perpetually, or by subscription. Qualified customers may be eligible to finance the licensing of the solution. Evolution is available in English speaking countries today with plans to expand to other languages with future releases.


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