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Western defence industries face intensifying global competition: Avascent

Avascent has released a white paper that provides an in-depth analysis of international defence spending patterns which predicts shifting of market dominance over the next 10 years. Using data from Avascent Analytics Global Platforms and Systems (GPS) database, the white paper reasons that over the coming decade, Western defence suppliers will face increased competition in international markets historically considered to be the near exclusive preserve of American and European firms.

May 19, 2016  By Avascent

“We specifically see Western firms facing rising pressure from three vectors,” said Doug Berenson, co-author and leader of Avascent Analytics. “The increasing number of countries seeking to satisfy requirements from domestic defence industries; the encroachment of Chinese and Russian suppliers in markets formerly aligned with Western sources; and emerging non-Western suppliers capable of competing against more established defence suppliers.”

The GPS database analyzes the defence spending of 55 countries and covers approximately 95 per cent of international defence investment spending that is accessible to Western defence suppliers. The database additionally features a comprehensive “topline” forecast of each country’s total defence spending over a 10-year period, as well as a detailed “bottom-up” analysis of its program-by-program plans. The white paper analysis used this data to project how each country will spend its investment resources over the next 10 years.

“This groundbreaking analysis indicates that there are broader emerging dynamics that Western defence companies should consider when evaluating opportunities,” said Steve Irwin, President of Avascent. “The process of finding, prioritizing, shaping and bidding on new opportunities, which was already an extremely complex and expensive proposition, will inevitably get increasingly difficult. Firms need to recognize that what worked in the past is unlikely to prevail in the coming environment.”

The Dynamics of International Military Modernization 2016 white paper is available to download now from:



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