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WestJet celebrates Hope Air

Oct. 5, 2011, Calgary - WestJet's flagship community investment program, WestJet Cares for Kids, today celebrates and congratulates its long-time charitable partner, Hope Air, on 25 years of services to Canadians. Hope Air was the first charity supported by WestJet through the gift of flight, 15 years ago.

October 5, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Hope Air is dedicated to arranging free air transportation for Canadians who are in financial need and require non-emergency medical care outside their communities. Over its 25 years of service to Canadians, Hope Air has provided 66,000 flights. Of those, WestJet has donated approximately 7,500 flights. In 2011 alone, WestJet Cares for Kids has shown its commitment to Hope Air through the donation of 898 one-way flights.

"Cost and distance are very real barriers to accessing specialized medical expertise and technologies and WestJet is proud of our continued support of Hope Air through the gift of flight," said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President, Communications and Community Relations. "For WestJetters, caring for Hope Air clients doesn't end with the gift-of-flight donation. WestJetters work to ensure that Hope Air clients have the best flight experience possible by providing a safe and stress-free experience, being friendly, caring and sharing a smile."

"WestJet's gift-of-flight donations to support Hope Air clients has made WestJet Cares for Kids a vital part of Hope Air's vision that everyone in Canada has access to the healthcare they need," says Doug Keller-Hobson, Executive Director of Hope Air. "WestJet has helped get thousands of Canadians to the healthcare they need by defeating the twin barriers of cost and distance."

WestJet celebrated Hope Air's milestone today with special cake cutting ceremonies in Toronto and Calgary.



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