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WestJet to pick up slack if AC strikes

Sept. 19, 2011, Calgary - WestJet today announced that in the event of strike action at Air Canada, it will add extra flights in order to accommodate passengers that may be otherwise stranded.

September 19, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

"Based on available aircraft and crew, we will be adding extra flights in domestic and trans-border markets as demand warrants," said Cam Kenyon, WestJet Executive Vice-President, Operations. "As events unfold, we will begin to add flights so that impact to the travelling public is minimized."

"Flight schedules are being prepared initially from September 21 to September 25, 2011, and will be updated as required," continued Cam Kenyon. "In addition, September is a shoulder season in the travel industry when typically there are fewer people flying. In fact, based on current flight loads, there are more than 20,000 empty seats available every day on WestJet aircraft right now. If their plans are impacted by potential strike action, travellers will have choices."

These additional flights will be available for reservation early on the morning of September 21, 2011, on, through the WestJet Sales Super Centre at 1-888-WESTJET (1-888-937-8538) or by contacting your travel agent. WestJet's everyday value pricing will apply to all existing and extra flights.

Air Canada passengers are advised to book directly through the above channels in order to ensure travel on September 21, 2011, and beyond.



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