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Wheels Up expands its King Air 350i program

Oct. 21, 2014, New York, N.Y. - Wheels Up has announced it will commence Beechcraft King Air 350i operations in Texas and the surrounding areas beginning November 1, 2014.

October 21, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

The Company will base aircraft in Houston and Dallas to serve the significant and growing demand for short to medium-haul flights both locally and regionally, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. The expansion to Texas gives Wheels Up a national presence with its King Air 350i program. The announcement was made today by Kenny Dichter, Founder and CEO of Wheels Up, who estimates that the Company will have more than 1,000 members and have taken delivery of nearly 40 aircraft by year end, 2014.

“These markets represent a significant opportunity for Wheels Up, our unique membership model, and the King Air 350i aircraft, which are the cornerstone of our Wheels Up fleet,” said Mr. Dichter. “The King Air 350i is ideal for the Texas market, as it offers excellent short field performance and greater payload capacity on less fuel for consistent savings. The aircraft can reach more airports and bring our members closer to their final destinations, which makes it the most flexible and cost effective solution for regional travel. We are very excited to be able to serve members in Texas, as well as introduce our innovative total aviation solution to individuals and corporate travelers who are looking for the most convenient, economical and intelligent way to fly privately. We anticipate having the same incredible response we’ve seen so far in other key markets.”

The unique Wheels Up 8760 culture (24 hours x 7 days x 365 days of the year), and ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the marketplace, has propelled the Company to unprecedented success since its launch in August of 2013. Operations in Texas represent another significant milestone for Wheels Up and its dynamic growth and development.



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