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WinAir to unveil new Dashboards at NBAA

WinAir of London, Ont., plans to unveil its Dashboards enhancement at the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) convention and exhibition running in Orlando, Fla., from October 16 to 18. The company explains the enhancements will be available as an add-on option for all new WinAir Version 7 packages (Operator, Heliops, MRO, CAMO, Custom, and All Inclusive), and to existing clientele with specific modules in their current package.

October 2, 2018  By Wings Staff

A WinAir dashboard displays any number of gadgets

“The advantages of this enhancement are almost endless,” said Jeff Muir, business development manager, WinAir. “It will provide aviation operations with many new ways to visually depict system data, make proactive decisions, streamline business processes, and much more. We anticipate that this new enhancement will have a significant positive impact on aviation operations worldwide.”

With the Dashboard enhancements, clients can display their data – on any connected screen from a desktop monitor to a mobile device – using a variety of gadgets in formats like pie graphs, bar graphs and line graphs. Dashboards, explains WinAir, are designed to assist with improving operational efficiencies, expediting processes, and producing savings in a maintenance budget.

A WinAir dashboard displays any number of gadgets, whereas a gadget itself is the visual representation of specific client data located within the WinAir system. Information contained within each gadget will automatically refresh based on periodic intervals. (See examples of specific WinAir’s key gadgets below.)

WinAir users can configure their own unique dashboards based on the gadgets that best fit their particular department, job role, and/or operation. System parameters can determine which members of staff have the ability to set-up and manage Dashboards. WinAir explains that when placed on the hangar floor, in a Stores Room, or in a Management office, a monitor displaying Dashboards will provide employees with an array of valuable information – this data can then be interpreted, assessed, and acted on.


At present, WinAir has developed numerous gadgets that utilize information from a client’s Maintenance, Inventory, Accounting, Administration, Reliability, Part Sales, and Real-Time Labour Tracking modules in WinAir.

The company points to the following benefits of WinAir Dashboards:

• Operational transparency via role-based permissions: Management and specific user roles can be granted additional control over the information to be displayed in a dashboard;

• Easily interpretable data: Management and other members of staff can quickly identify gaps or discrepancies based on the information displayed in the dashboard gadgets;

• Ability to detect Issues in their early stages or note significant trends and patterns: Key stakeholders can observe issues early on and have the opportunity to handle challenges and/or opportunities proactively;

• Enhanced visibility: Individual users, departments, management, and ownership have increased operational visibility, which will assist with strategic business decision-making; and

• Low latency real-time data: Companies have access to low-bandwidth, highly visually representative, live data that is updated on a cyclical basis.

The company has developed key gadgets for tracking and monitoring items, such as:

• Aircraft Flight Readiness: The Aircraft Flight Readiness Dashboard gadget allows users to view the availability of a specific aircraft in their fleet based on task status;

• Hangar Visits by Aircraft: The Fleet Hangar Visits by Aircraft Dashboard gadget allows the user to view the amount of planned downtime for an aircraft within a specific time frame, as well as at which base the scheduled maintenance is being completed;

• Aircraft Utilization: The Aircraft Utilization Dashboard gadget provides users with the ability to view several accumulated counter values for a specified number of months or days for an aircraft;

• Quarantine Status Queues: The Quarantine Status Queues Dashboard gadget provides users with the ability to view the number of quarantined parts per decision for the current system date, with the option to filter by base;

• Total Labour per Template: The Total Labour per Template Dashboard gadget provides users with the ability to view the total labour per template for unscheduled and scheduled tasks, with the option to include or exclude approved or unapproved labour for up to the last 31 days; and

• Aircraft Defects Per Flight Hours: The Aircraft Defects per Flight Hours Dashboard gadget provides users with the ability to view the number of defects by ATA Chapter for a specific template or aircraft per the number of flight hours and date range specified.


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