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Wings magazine names Canada’s top FBOs for 2016

A relentless commitment to customers’ needs is one of the key drivers that determines a successful Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) but what other qualities make it stand out? And who shines brightest in the Canadian space?

September 20, 2016  By Wings Magazine

Wings 2016 FBO survey answers these questions and more in the September/October issue. Wings’ FBO report is unique in that it gives readers a chance to select which facilities, fuel brands and charge/credit cards provide the best service for their aviation needs. And unlike other major North American FBO reports, this survey focuses specifically on the Canadian market. Results are based solely on respondent recall without prompting – readers select their favourite FBO based on personal experiences without the help of a cheat sheet or list. This method allows the survey not only to focus on Canadian service and support providers, but fosters the inclusion of more airports and service hubs nationwide.

The methodology is straightforward – respondents are allowed to select up to five FBOs and answer a series of questions for each that provides a ranking on everything from aspects of service, pricing, to the bricks-and-mortar aspects of the site. Respondents are asked for a rating on each section using a scale of one through 10 for such attributes. The survey also asks, by prompted question, for a choice of branded chain fuel providers, individual preferred fuel brand and charge card options.

Wings’ 2016 FBO survey provides credible third-party ratings of how domestic facilities and their related support services rank in the minds of clients who actually use them. Some 37 individual FBOs were nominated and rated across Canada this year. Winners in their respective categories include:

  • Top FBO in Canada: Skyservice YUL (Montreal)
  • Top FBO in Western Canada (B.C., Alta., Y.T., N.W.T): Skyservice YYC
  • Top FBO in Central Canada (Sask., Man., Nunavut): Kreos Aviation YXE
  • Top FBO in Ontario: Skyservice YYZ
  • Top FBO in Quebec: Skyservice YUL
  • Top FBO in Atlantic Canada: (N.B., N.L., N.S., P.E.I.): Gateway Facilities ULC – YHZ

Top 3 Western Canada

  • Skyservice YYC
  • Signature Flight Support/Airside FBO Partners YEG
  • Million Air Vancouver YVR

Top 3 Central Canada

  • Kreos Aviation YXE
  • Saskatoon Aerocentre YXE
  • Regina Aerocentre YWG

Top 3 Ontario

  • Skyservice Toronto YYZ
  • Skycharter Toronto YYZ
  • Fliteline Services Waterloo, Ont. (YKF)

Top 3 Quebec

  • Skyservice Montreal YUL
  • AvFuel H-18, St-Hubert, Que. YHU
  • Starlink Aviation/Signature Montreal YUL

Top 3 Atlantic Canada

  • Gateway ULC – YHZ
  • Irving Goose Bay, YYR
  • Shell Toray Aero Services YYT

Rising Star Award (FBO making the largest jump from last year)
Regina Aerocentre YQR

Top preferred cards for fuel
1. World Fuel Services/Colt
2. Visa
3. AvCard
4. Avfuel
5.Multi Service

Popularity of Brand
• 66.7% of winners choose an FBO based on brand

Check out the digital and print editions of the September/October issue of Wings for a complete analysis.


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