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WSI announces global flight tracking expansion

June 11, 2014, Andover, Ma. - WSI Corporation has announced substantial global coverage expansion for aircraft being tracked within WSI Fusion.

June 11, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

An essential platform for critical flight decisions at over 80 airlines globally, WSI Fusion enables flight operators to fly safer and more efficiently through earlier insight into disruptive weather and operational conditions and proactive decision making.

Recent events shed light on the subject of global flight tracking, further identifying that international flight tracking data is inconsistently available. WSI Fusion provides cumulative data from several sources including Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B), Multilateration (MLAT), FAA, Eurocontrol, and customer specific flight data. WSI fuses this information together with schedule and flight status from airlines and airports to empower global flight tracking.

How does it work?

1. An aircraft gets its location from a GPS navigation source (satellite)
2. The ADS-B transponder on the aircraft transmits signals containing the location and other flight data
3. The ADS-B signal is picked up by the global ground-based receiver network
4. Receivers feed data to be centrally processed and delivered to WSI Fusion for operational use WSI Fusion users will now have:


Access to a global network of 2000+ sensors that is ever-increasing to meet professional and industry needs
Flight tracking for growing equipage of ADS-B; roughly 60% of all pax aircraft (70% in Europe, 30% in the US)
Enhanced global position tracking coverage for situational awareness, real-time capacity, and route insight
Sophisticated MLAT technology allowing increased coverage for Mode S transponder equipped aircraft*
(* Coming Summer 2014)
These features extend WSI Fusion's existing industry-leading flight tracking capabilities to include:

Dynamic global maps with ADS-B network sourced enroute and surface tracks for tactical hazard mitigation
Real-time flight-centric alerting on operational hazards such as convection, turbulence, icing and volcanic ash
Flight position projection capability in areas [such as over-water] not covered by other means of surveillance
"WSI is always working to extend the capabilities of our industry-leading WSI Fusion platform to provide airlines with a gate-to-gate solution that improves safety and efficiency through all phases of operations. The addition of global flight tracking is one more example of our commitment to innovative and customer-driven enhancements to streamline workflow and ensure common situational awareness among key flight stakeholders," says Mark D. Miller, SVP and General Manager of Aviation, WSI Corporation.


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