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XOJET orders 12 Hawker Beechcraft 800XPRs

Oct. 12, 2011, Las Vegas, Nv. - Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support (GCS) today announced that leading private aviation company, XOJET, has placed an order for 12 Hawker 800XPR aircraft. The Hawker 800XPR upgrade is certified by both the Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Authority.

October 12, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

“XOJET’s 40 percent growth in 2011 clearly demonstrates that their innovative business model has been well-received by the private aviation market,” said Christi Tannahill, Hawker Beechcraft vice president, Global Customer Support. “Our innovative Hawker 800XPR program can deliver the transcontinental capability, proven reliability and exceptional passenger comfort that will help XOJET continue on their growth path. Their commitment is a testament to the proven significance and value proposition of the 800XPR program.”
“The growth of our business demanded a third fleet type,” said Blair LaCorte, XOJET’s Chief Executive Officer. “We looked at the available options for aircraft that would match the unmet needs of our network, and the clear standout was the Hawker 800XPR. Working closely with the Hawker Beechcraft team, we were able to create a custom XOJET Hawker 800XPR that addresses our unique requirements.”
The Hawker 800XPR program offers major airframe modifications such as the replacement of the existing TFE731-5BR engines with TFE731-50R as well as adding Genuine Hawker winglets. It also can include avionics upgrades, cabin interior refurbishment and custom paint schemes.
“This program is part of a developing strategic relationship between Hawker Beechcraft and XOJET,” said Tannahill. “This initial contract includes custom modifications and upgrades to XOJET aircraft and represents a potential commitment of up to $50 million.”


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