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ZenithJet introduces GAINS program

ZenithJet, the technical services provider for Bombardier Global business aircraft, has launched its new GAINS program.

February 1, 2017  By ZenithJet

Short for “Global Acquisition IN-Service,” the GAINS program is aimed at Bombardier Global buyers. It covers a variety of services including: market assessment; aircraft identification; letter of intent and purchase agreement negotiation; oversight of pre-purchase inspection and discrepancy rectification; closing; refurbishment (if required) and entry-into-service.

By offering an end-to-end program, ZenithJet provides a single point of accountability, streamlines project management and delivers superior value for buyers. ZenithJet’s expertise in manufacturing, sales, completions, refurbishment, operations, registration and residual value assessment contributes directly to clients’ successful aircraft ownership experiences.

The ZenithJet team has worked on more than 100 Bombardier Global transactions in less than nine years. Specifically: 30 Global 6000s, 25 Global 5000s, 24 Global Express XRS’ and 21 Global Express’.

“Having worked with the ZenithJet team on many Bombardier Global transactions in the last five or six years, I can definitely attest to the excellence of their work,” says Tim Roberts, principal, AVWest. “They know more about the Global market than anyone else in business aviation. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seriously considering acquiring a Global.”


“Our message to the marketplace is clear,” noted George Tsopeis, president, ZenithJet. “We have exceptional knowledge and experience with Globals and we wish to focus on this segment of the market. Today, there are more than 700 Globals in-service worldwide. And, when the Global 7000 enters service next year, that number will further increase. Our vision is to draw from our experience in order to generate maximum value for our existing and prospective clients. Simply put – it’s all about finding the right Global, at the right price, under the best possible circumstances.”


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