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We've come a long way since 1903, when the Wright brothers flew the world's first powered aeroplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. But our thirst for travel is costing more than an air ticket.
TrueNorth Avionics has reported that Clay Lacy Aviation has obtained an STC for the company’s Simphonē FANS-1/A Data Link UnitPlus as part of a flight deck system on a Bombardier Challenger 601 aircraft. The STC meets worldwide mandates while improving safety, lowering operating costs and reducing flight times. The DLU, which is the only FAA TSO-C159a FANS over Iridium system for the flight deck, streamlines the STC process because it already meets specific requirements.
Toulouse, France - A wing-skin that harvests natural vibrations to power in-flight systems, drones that lead birds to a safe haven “birdport”, and a games console-inspired infra-red system that detects potential obstacles when taxiing, are among the ideas from university students shortlisted by Airbus in its Fly Your Ideas contest, with the five finalists now vying for the €30,000 ($40,000 CDN) jackpot.
Los Angeles, Ca. - Worldwide Aeros Corp. has announced that The United States’ Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted U.S. patent number 9,016,622 for the cargo airship’s ‘Flight System for a Constant Volume Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle,’ with Onboard ‘Control-of-Static-Heaviness’ (COSH) Management.
With longer-range jets continuing to dominate new business aircraft sales, Bordeaux, France-based Dassault Aviation fast-tracked its first ultra-long-range aircraft by stretching the highly regarded fly-by-wire Falcon 7X tri-jet. The new Falcon 8X was announced only a year ago at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland, but is already in test flight mode, and initial deliveries are proposed for late next year.
While air travel plays a major role in Canada’s economy, it also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. On June 1, 2012, the Government of Canada introduced its Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aviation, developed with the Canadian aviation industry to increase efficiency and improve environmental performance in the sector.
March 19, 2015, Lausanne, Sui. - Thursday is a special day in the history of space exploration. It is the day, 50 years ago, that Russian cosmonaut Alexey Leonov became the first person to walk in space.
Since the near meltdown of the global financial system in 2008, the economies of the G20 nations have struggled to recover. Some countries have had greater success than others in their quest for sustainable growth.
First there was Air France flight 447, and then, Malaysia Airlines flight 370. They were there, and then they were gone. MH 370 made no distress call, there were no signs of technical malfunction or engine failure, and the weather was just fine. But, somewhere over the Andaman Sea, something had gone horribly wrong.
MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) appears to be on a roll, not to mention an order backlog of around $3 billion, about $1 billion more than a year ago.
For those of you who might think the aviation industry lacks the glitz of a Hollywood gala, then you obviously haven’t experienced the electricity brought on by the introduction of a new aircraft. Such an experience becomes even more dramatic when that event takes place in an exotic city in the Middle East. Those lucky enough to get an invite to the early January introduction of the new Airbus 350 XWB with launch customer Qatar Airways in the capital city of Doha, experienced just such a spectacle.
Feb. 26, 2015, Melbourne, Aus. - Australian researchers have unveiled the world's first 3D-printed jet engine, a manufacturing breakthrough that could lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel-efficient jets.
Spectronics Corporation has its pulse on the latest and most advanced leak detection solutions, and the Spectroline MDE-2000NC MarksmanT II ultrasonic diagnostic tool is one such notable achievement.
Eliminate the dangers of electrical arcing when working on static-sensitive components in and around aircraft and other industrial applications with the new Electro Static Discharge-Safe Precision Pliers from Snap-on Industrial.
Safe Flight Instrument Corporation has announced the SCc –an Angle of Attack (AoA) based system has been certified by the FAA and is currently available for certificated aircraft in the general aviation market.
July 21, 2015 - Concorde is well known for designing “Drop In Replacements” and is pleased to have developed and certified five new products for 2015.
Garmin has announced an expanded Connext ecosystem, which broadens compatibility to include the Garmin aera 796/795 aviation portable GPS, ForeFlight Mobile and Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck. With compatible Garmin avionics, customers can wirelessly receive ADS-B weather and traffic, as well as display precise GPS position data and back-up attitude information within these compatible products and devices.
The new Giddings & Lewis V Series from Fives Machining Systems is a versatile line of vertical turning centers for shops looking for a dependable, multi-purpose lathe capable of handling a wide range of parts, including pumps, valves, gears, bearings, compressors, wheel hubs, jet engine housings and more. With high metal removal rates and high precision, the V Series lathes offer unmatched standard features and superior value.
Guardian Avionics is now shipping its Multi-Function Display system, the MFD 650, for installation in Experimental Aircraft panels. The purpose of the MFD 650 is to share information that is in front of the pilot with his passengers while creating a valuable record of flight data that can be stored in the Cloud. Two to six iPads, mini-Pads, iPhones or iWatches will allow passengers to view synthetic reality, a moving map display, engine data or the pilot logbook when those devices are connected to a Garmin GPS and an electronic engine monitor. At the same time the MFD 650 will monitor carbon monoxide levels in the cockpit and provide two USB Smart Charger outlets for rapid charging of cell phones or other electronic devices.
Inspection professionals have an exciting tool for fluorescent magnetic particle and penetrant testing and many other applications — the Spectroline EK-3000 EagleEyeT UV-A/White Light LED Inspection Kit. FPI and MPI are crucial nondestructive testing procedures that detect fine-surface and slightly subsurface irregularities in aircraft, pipelines, vessels, bridges, tunnels, refineries and much more. Undetected flaws can result in unsafe conditions, failure, or loss of revenue due to unplanned shutdowns.
AD-8609 Aero-Brite Universal Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye from Spectronics Corporation is a quick and easy way to pinpoint the exact source of all fuel, lubrication and hydraulic leaks in aviation systems.
Pelican Products has introduced the feature-rich Pelican ProGear 2780 LED Headlight.
The Hydroswing Single Panel hydraulic door system is known worldwide for quality and strength. As an industry leader, Hydroswing listened to potential customers who didn't have the room for a “swing out” door system and designed the perfect alternative. Hydroswing has designed a multi-hydraulic Dual Panel door without dangerous cables and straps. Hydroswing is proud to introduce the revolutionary, but simple, Hydroswing Dual Panel Door System. “We designed this door primarily for the architectural market,” says Marshal Parker, owner of Hydroswing. “Swing out space is a concern for some of our customers. For the aviation sector (because of the dynamics and layout of some hangars), it is important to save the space on the taxiway, even at the cost of a little headroom. With over 7,000 single panel door systems now in use around the world, the Dual Panel Hydraulic Door System is an option now as well,” says Parker.This new Dual Panel Hydraulic Door System has all the same Hydroswing credentials, just half the swing out. All Hydroswing are supplied “pre hung” in their own tube steel framework for ease of onsite assembly and installation. Like the Hydroswing Single Panel hydraulic door system, the Dual Panel is supplied with touch-of-a-button opening and closing with excellent sealing and security (as it locks closed through the hydraulic system). Also like the Single Panel, the Hydroswing Dual Panel Door System can be integrated or retrofitted to any existing building.  Both the Hydroswing Single Panel and Dual Panel hydraulic door systems are useful for an increasingly robust architectural market. Hydroswing® is providing this solution in a horizontal format for several transport industry leaders via new HydroTop truck products (launching in the US in Fall/Winter 2015). With several ISO 9001 fabrication locations in USA, Mexico and Europe, Hydroswing delivers the most innovative hydraulic Single Panel and Dual Panel doors and wall systems in the world for every use and every sector.For more informationwww.hydroswing.com
Pelican Products, Inc. has introduced the Pelican 1670 Case as legendarily tough, watertight and versatile protection for those who want to defend their sensitive gear on the go.
Canada has a pay as you go business model for air transport. The merits of the model versus the United States, where aviation infrastructure is subsidized, can be heavily debated, most recently in a 2012 Senate report, The Future of Canadian Air Travel: Toll Booth or Spark Plug, which recommended abolishing airport rent.
On a November morning in 2012, eight people boarded a Cessna 208B in Snow Lake, Man., bound for Winnipeg. The trip was expected to take a little over two hours, but barely one minute into the flight, tragedy struck. According to our investigation report released earlier this year, the aircraft was overweight, and its takeoff and climb performance was reduced by accumulated ice on the leading edges of its wings and tail, and it crashed into a nearby wooded area, killing the pilot and seriously injuring all seven passengers.
So what does it take to make your mark in the world of aviation and aerospace? It’s all about having a flexible, hardworking, “can do” attitude while being as resilient and proactive as possible. And if you really want to make your mark, copious quantities of passion for your chosen field goes a long way.
Jan. 23, 2015 - Wings and Helicopters Careers in Aviation 2015, is a one-stop resource to landing an exciting career in avation. It contains breif descriptions of several leading aerospace sectors, as well as valuable information on education and training. | READ MORE
A culture of safety in aviation is always evolving and it must be managed properly or there won’t be a solid Safety Management System (SMS).
As Canadian air transport continues to grow, Transport Canada (TC) has been plotting an opposite course. Budget cuts and attrition has left the regulator struggling to do more with less.
When most people think about the role of Transport Canada (TC) in Canadian aviation their minds go to the oversight aspect.
The appointment of Lisa Raitt as minister of transport last July was a plus for the aviation industry, according to Harvey Friesen, president of Bearskin Airlines and past chairman of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC).
On May 25, 2012, a commercially operated de Havilland Beaver floatplane crashed into Lillabelle Lake in northern Ontario.
Three years after Transport Minister John Baird announced that certification and oversight of (aircraft) operators are the core responsibilities of Transport Canada (TC) and should not be conducted by the private sector
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) recently released its report on an incident termed as a “risk of collision” that occurred at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in April of 2011.
Many accident investigations by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) in recent years have demonstrated that without flight recording systems, critical information that can ultimately help prevent accidents is not captured and available for analysis.
I didn’t get a drone for Christmas. Or for my birthday.
Last year’s Canadian Business Aviation Association’s (CBAA) convention and exhibition in Edmonton experienced a 60 per cent increase in operator attendance. Rudy Toering, CBAA chief executive, sat down with Wings to discuss advocacy, changes at Transport Canada (TC) and plans for the upcoming conference June 16-18 at Avfuel H-18 St. Hubert in Montreal.
A big sigh of relief was heard March 31st when the federal government finally released the RFP for the Fixed Wing Search And Rescue (FWSAR) Project with little public fanfare. It’s a document that gives little clue of the long and winding road getting to this point, nor the frantic race to the finish line a mere six months later.
Edmonton - Three North American pipeline industry leaders - Enbridge Pipelines Inc., TransCanada Corporation, and Kinder Morgan Canada - have signed a Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) agreement to conduct research into aerial-based leak detection technologies, in the interest of enhancing across-the-board pipeline safety.
It may seem counterintuitive to operate an aerial surveillance program with aircraft painted fire engine red and the word “surveillance” in big block letters on both sides, but that is exactly what the federal government is doing with great success.
The New Year promises to be an interesting one for Canadian airlines. The two majors, WestJet and Air Canada, are coming off successful years, with high load factors and happy shareholders. It was such a good year in 2014, in fact, that at least two different groups (Canada Jetlines and Jet Naked) announced they are on the hunt for the capitol required to provide Canadians with the option of an ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC) flight experience, staking out the bottom of the market. I would have thought, however, that the “ultra-low cost” crowd had already been hovered across the border by the lure of dirt-cheap flights on antique aircraft.
The November announcement of a memorandum of agreement signed by Air Canada and Air China to stimulate growth in air traffic between the two countries could mean Montreal is a step closer to getting its long awaited non-stop Montreal-Beijing route.
Where is the price of oil headed over the next 12-months? The crystal ball remains cloudy. At the annual Global Airfinance Conference in Dublin, Ireland in January, duelling experts predicted the cost of oil could hover around the US$40 a barrel mark for at least the next couple of years, or creep up to US$100 a barrel by spring. There is enough room between the extremes to drive a fleet of tanker trucks through.
Bombardier’s airplane divisions certainly struggled through a challenging year in 2014. Programs such as the midsize Learjet 85 were delayed, the CSeries flight test program, now back in the air, was grounded following an engine failure, and plans to build Q400 turboprops in Russia are currently stalled.
It might seem supercilious to try to predict the future of an industry, especially 20 years out. There are so many inter-related factors at play: global and regional economics, technology breakthroughs, regulation, natural disasters, wars.
Without warning, the 2014 Ontario Budget introduced a stunning 148 per cent increase to the aviation fuel tax – from 2.7 cents to 6.7 cents per litre – to be phased in over four years.   Unfortunately, this decision is counterproductive and seriously impairs the aviation industry’s ability to do what it does best – create jobs, stimulate trade and tourism, and generate revenue for the Ontario government.
I was in Seattle recently for the one-day Passenger Experience Conference, which ran concurrently with the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo. And while I’m having trouble accepting that everything I do in life should be viewed as an “experience,” I will say that this was one of the most enjoyable and educational days I have ever experienced.
Flying Colours Corp is broadening the expertise of its sales team with the appointment of former Bombardier Aerospace interiors specialist Clint Bloom as Sales Manager – Interiors. Bloom will be based in Tucson, Ariz., with a remit that covers the entire U.S. and Canada, as required.
Vector Aerospace is celebrating the third anniversary of supporting operators in the Asia-Pacific region from its engine MRO facility in Brisbane, Australia.
UTC Aerospace Systems is expanding its rescue hoist and cargo winch systems maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
AJW China has announced the signing of a prestigious PBH agreement with West Air, part of the Hainan Group.  The agreement supports engine LRUs for West Air’s fleet of V2500 powered A320s.  Over its 10 year duration, the escalating agreement will support West Air’s growing fleet of A320s, which is projected to increase from the current 17 aircraft to 64 by 2020.
Singapore - Vector Aerospace Corporation has announced the opening of its new MRO facility in Singapore and signing of MOU with Republic Polytechnic.
Singapore - Flying Colours Corp. has inaugurated its interiors facility at the Bombardier Service Centre, Seletar Airport, Singapore. The grand opening ceremony, which took place on April 21, welcomed 40 guests including owners, operators, and a distinguished aviation elite, to celebrate the company’s latest venture in Asia. 
March 19, 2015, Wood Dale, Il. - AAR has announced that AAR Airlift has been awarded a contract by the United Nations for airlift services in Central Africa. The contract is valued at approximately $19 million.
Nov. 11, 2014, Al Ain, U.A.E. - AAR has announced it has been selected by AMMROC (Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre) LLC, the Abu Dhabi-based Joint Venture between Mubadala Development Company, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin, to support in the design, outfitting and integration of key areas of AMMROC’s state-of-the-art facility in Al Ain, UAE.
Oct. 14, 2014, Farnborough, U.K. - Seventy four high flying engineering apprentices have been welcomed to British Airways this week, ready to begin their careers at one of the world’s leading airlines.
Oct. 6, 2014, Oslo, Norway - AAR’s Nordisk Aviation Products, in partnership with Airbus, has announced it has developed an AMV main deck cargo container exclusively for the A330-200F, A300-600 and A310-300 converted freighter.
Supply chains for the aerospace industry have become increasingly complex, challenging manufacturers of military and commercial aircraft to maintain control, consistency and predictability in the supply of primary assemblies.
The recovery in Canadian maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) reported last year in Wings continues to take hold despite the Aveos set back.
  Status: Permanent / Full-Time                                          Location: Portage La Prairie, MB     Canadian Helicopters Limited (CHL),a Canadian subsidiary of the HNZ Group whom Executive office is based in Alberta (4500, 1000 Airport Road, Edmonton International Airport, Alberta, T9E 0V3) specializes in helicopter transportation and related support services. We are the largest helicopter transportation services company operating in Canada with a network of twenty-four (24) strategically located bases providing operations in every geographical region of the country. CHL’s Corporate office is located at 1215, Montée Pilon, Les Cèdres, Québec, J7T 1G1.   In addition to providing full turn-key maintenance services to our clients, CHL also provides rotary wing Instructors. To that end, we are responsible for providing ground training to Department of National Defence (DND) Student Pilots who are training to become “wings standard” military helicopter Pilots, as well to qualified military helicopter Pilots who are training to become Flight Instructors.  
  Status: Fixed term contract                                                                  Location: Trenton, Ontario     Canadian HelicoptersLimitedspecializes in helicopter transportation, international military and contracted support ventures and related support services. With bases around the world, it has fixed primary operations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and regions of Southeast Asia. The Company also supplies on demand support operations in Antarctica. Canadian Helicopters has been a leader in the helicopter transportation services market for over six decades. It is known for providing the highest standards of service and maintaining safe operations.  
Full-time19 Camelot, Dr. Nepean, Searidge Technologies, 2015-10-12 Thuan Nguyen,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Ph: 1(613) 686 3988 x309, www.searidgetech.com
Executive Flight Centre (EFC) has been setting standards in aviation fuel and service for over forty years. Headquartered in Calgary, with operations in both Alberta and British Columbia, EFC offers a diverse range of aviation services to meet the needs of airport users.  EFC also offers additional expertise and services to customers throughout Western Canada in the areas of Airport / Aerodrome Services and Aviation Real Estate Development.  Our vision is to provide an excellent quality of service to all customers in the Aviation Industry by focusing on Safety, Quality, Consistency and Customer Service. Our Edmonton location is seeking an experienced full-time Security & Screening Agent to support our diverse operations. Main Functions: The Security & Screening Agent works to ensure the safety and protection of EFC’s property, personnel and information.

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