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Feb. 26, 2015, Melbourne, Aus. - Australian researchers have unveiled the world's first 3D-printed jet engine, a manufacturing breakthrough that could lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel-efficient jets.
When NorOntair’s Dash 8-100 powered into the sky in December 1984, it marked one of the most important events in Canadian aviation history. Not only did the fledgling airline, a subsidiary of the provincial government’s Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, provide essential passenger service connecting the dots in remote Ontario locations, but it also debuted the PW100, one of the crowning jewels of Longueuil, Que.-based engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC).
Oct. 27, 2014, Woodbury, N.Y. - General aviation and commercial transport aviation are very different in many respects, yet they share a common goal: improve the passenger experience.
Oct. 16, 2014, Botucatu, Brazil - The Ipanema agricultural airplane, powered by ethanol (hydrated alcohol) – EMB 202A, will celebrate its 10th anniversary since certification on Sunday, October 19.
Oct. 9, 2014, Hungtington Beach, Ca. - Boeing has completed environmental and performance qualification testing on the aircraft satellite communications antenna system it is developing for multipurpose satellite operator Al Yah Satellite Company (Yahsat) of the United Arab Emirates.
Oct. 9, 2014, Calgary - FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. presented its Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) and FLYHTStream technologies at the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) public Emerging Flight Data & Locator Technology Forum in Washington, D.C. on October 7 to the NTSB acting Chairman Chris Hart.
Sept. 22, 2014, Ottawa - NAV CANADA has announced a plan by Aireon LLC to provide a global emergency tracking solution that will be available free of charge for all automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) equipped aircraft.
Sept. 18, 2014, Toronto - Flight Level Media Ltd. (FLM) and Panasonic Avionics Corporation have signed a five-year Software Applications License Agreement that supports the integration of FLM’s passenger applications for Panasonic’s in seat and wireless platforms.
Sept. 18, 2014, Ottawa - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has selected ING Robotic Aviation, a high tech robotic aircraft company, to demonstrate a new method for assessing crop vegetation.
Sept. 17, 2014, St. Louis, Mo. - Boeing has unveiled a new Multi-platform Avionics Test System (BMATS) at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 50th annual AUTOTEST tradeshow in St. Louis.
Sept. 12, 2014, Montreal - Bombardier has announced that the Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 aircraft have received full type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
Sept. 11, 2014, Toronto - A new tracking service of aircraft in and around Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport will let users see details such as flight path, destination and whether a plane is flying too low.
Jan. 26, 2015, Anacortes, Wa. - Micro AeroDynamics has received FAA and EASA STC approval for the VG kit it has designed for the Diamond DA42, DA42NG and the DA42M-NG twin engine models.
Jan. 19, 2015, Rosemead, Ca. - Hermetic Seal Corporation has developed interconnection technology that meets the increasingly stringent temperature range and leak rates required for even the most highly demanding aerospace applications.
Dec. 5, 2014, Edmonton - Pelican Products, Inc. has introduced the new Pelican ProGear Voyager cases for the latest Samsung digital devices—the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Mega 2  and the Galaxy Alpha.
Dec. 5, 2014 - After the signature of its first contract with Air Méditerranée, the Titanium Seat, designed and produced by Expliseat, maintains its momentum and opens to the international market with a new contract signed in May 2014 with the Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation. The ultra-­‐light seats will fly on December 2014, on board the A320 fleet of the African company, leader on its market.
Nov. 20, 2014, Portland, Or. - Lightspeed Aviation has announced the launch of The Lightspeed Aviation Adventure Flight Bag collection. The collection includes two bags made of full-grain South American cowhide, and one made of ballistic polyester with full grain cowhide accents.
Nov. 17, 2014, Edmonton - To offer tough lightweight, safety-approved lighting options, Pelican Products, Inc., has introduced three new safety approved headlights.
Nov. 17, 2014, Kemp, Tx. - Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 4,000 watt skid mount five stage electric light mast. This tower features a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation, a removable mast head, and a cube frame with skid pockets with 4-corner pick eyes for easy transportation.
June 26, 2014, Portland, Or. - Lightspeed Aviation has announced the long-awaited launch of Zulu PFX, its new ANR aviation headset. The headset was first revealed at Oshkosh in 2013, and has continued in development since.
June 5, 2014, Sydney, Aus. - Altium Limited introduced WEBENCH Altium Connector, a collaborative effort between Altium and Texas Instruments (TI) to blend TI’s  WEBENCH power design and simulation tools with Altium’s EDA tool suite Altium Designer.
June 3, 2014, Westbury, N.Y. - The Spectroline OPTI-LUX 365 is a powerful LED leak detection flashlight that provides UV light for optimal fluorescent dye response. It’s ideal for all aviation fluid system applications.
June 2, 2014, Huntington Beach, Ca. - Scheyden Precision Eyewear has announced the addition of the C-130 model to its premium sunglass range.
May 20, 2014, Edmonton - Cold beverages won’t be getting warm anytime soon in the Pelican ProGear 20QT  Elite Cooler.
Jan. 23, 2015 - Wings and Helicopters Careers in Aviation 2015, is a one-stop resource to landing an exciting career in avation. It contains breif descriptions of several leading aerospace sectors, as well as valuable information on education and training. | READ MORE
A culture of safety in aviation is always evolving and it must be managed properly or there won’t be a solid Safety Management System (SMS).
As Canadian air transport continues to grow, Transport Canada (TC) has been plotting an opposite course. Budget cuts and attrition has left the regulator struggling to do more with less.
When most people think about the role of Transport Canada (TC) in Canadian aviation their minds go to the oversight aspect.
The appointment of Lisa Raitt as minister of transport last July was a plus for the aviation industry, according to Harvey Friesen, president of Bearskin Airlines and past chairman of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC).
On May 25, 2012, a commercially operated de Havilland Beaver floatplane crashed into Lillabelle Lake in northern Ontario.
Three years after Transport Minister John Baird announced that certification and oversight of (aircraft) operators are the core responsibilities of Transport Canada (TC) and should not be conducted by the private sector
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) recently released its report on an incident termed as a “risk of collision” that occurred at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in April of 2011.
Many accident investigations by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) in recent years have demonstrated that without flight recording systems, critical information that can ultimately help prevent accidents is not captured and available for analysis.
The theme of the 2013 CHC Safety and Quality Summit was “Building an Accident Free Legacy: Predictive Safety to Avoid ‘the Inevitable.’ ” It was all about inevitable outcomes – not accidents – as events that are entirely foreseeable and as such can be mitigated.
The incidents of laser hazards in aviation continue to climb and many eye specialists have no idea how to deal with the problem, delegates were told at the 58th annual Business Aviation Safety Seminar in Montreal in April. It was the first time the seminar was held outside the U.S.
The Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) AGM in Vancouver last Nov. 13-15 was built on the theme, “The Need for a New National Aviation Policy”
Bombardier’s airplane divisions certainly struggled through a challenging year in 2014. Programs such as the midsize Learjet 85 were delayed, the CSeries flight test program, now back in the air, was grounded following an engine failure, and plans to build Q400 turboprops in Russia are currently stalled.
It might seem supercilious to try to predict the future of an industry, especially 20 years out. There are so many inter-related factors at play: global and regional economics, technology breakthroughs, regulation, natural disasters, wars.
Without warning, the 2014 Ontario Budget introduced a stunning 148 per cent increase to the aviation fuel tax – from 2.7 cents to 6.7 cents per litre – to be phased in over four years.   Unfortunately, this decision is counterproductive and seriously impairs the aviation industry’s ability to do what it does best – create jobs, stimulate trade and tourism, and generate revenue for the Ontario government.
I was in Seattle recently for the one-day Passenger Experience Conference, which ran concurrently with the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo. And while I’m having trouble accepting that everything I do in life should be viewed as an “experience,” I will say that this was one of the most enjoyable and educational days I have ever experienced.
Air Canada is following in the footsteps of Porter Airlines by offering December-March service to Mont-Tremblant. But unlike Porter, which also offers summer service and flies out of Toronto Island Billy Bishop Airport, Air Canada is offering the service from its main hub at Lester B. Pearson.
In the November/December 2014 issue of Wings, we ran a cover story by yours truly entitled “Surveying the Landscape,” focusing on what Canadian air transport could look like in five years. The invisible thread running through the piece was how government policy blocks renewal industry renewal. This is not a criticism of any particular government. With the exception of overdue big ticket change such as opening domestic skies to limited competition in the 1950s (Diefenbaker), deregulation (Trudeau) and trans-border open-skies (Chrétien), successive governments have been satisfied tinkering at the margins of air policy, such as insisting airlines post the all in fare up front, saving customers from sticker shock once all taxes and fees are added. As part of a consumer agenda, it was pretty low hanging fruit.
It has been said you have to walk before you can run, which sometimes I think is a nice way of saying you’re not really sure of where you’re going, or you don't have a clear understanding of what it is you have to accomplish once you get there.
Three days in May saw a human whirlwind of activity touch down at Southport, outside Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.
Moving into the vacuum left by a departing carrier, Alma, Quebec-based Panorama Helicopters has created a new aviation division, Panorama Aviation. It began service this May with a Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.
When the executive team at Air Georgian, an Air Canada Express partner, sat down in 2012 for a strategic planning session, it is likely that nobody considered a future that included the remote air strips of the Democratic Republic of Congo, or supporting Canada’s oil and gas sector. It was during a visit to Calgary by Eric Edmondson, Air Georgian’s chief executive officer to research the availability of de Havilland Dash 8 aircraft that the pieces began to fall in place.
Leave it to a baseball coach to properly conceptualize the importance of teamwork to the overall success of a Canadian fixed based operator (FBO).
Like the fabled goose, Canada’s aviation sector needs a viable environment to keep providing its golden eggs – jobs, trade, tourism and revenue – for government.
Nov. 11, 2014, Al Ain, U.A.E. - AAR has announced it has been selected by AMMROC (Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre) LLC, the Abu Dhabi-based Joint Venture between Mubadala Development Company, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin, to support in the design, outfitting and integration of key areas of AMMROC’s state-of-the-art facility in Al Ain, UAE.
Oct. 14, 2014, Farnborough, U.K. - Seventy four high flying engineering apprentices have been welcomed to British Airways this week, ready to begin their careers at one of the world’s leading airlines.
Oct. 6, 2014, Oslo, Norway - AAR’s Nordisk Aviation Products, in partnership with Airbus, has announced it has developed an AMV main deck cargo container exclusively for the A330-200F, A300-600 and A310-300 converted freighter.
Supply chains for the aerospace industry have become increasingly complex, challenging manufacturers of military and commercial aircraft to maintain control, consistency and predictability in the supply of primary assemblies.
The recovery in Canadian maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) reported last year in Wings continues to take hold despite the Aveos set back.
Aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is on a rebound.
So, Matt, what are the best ways to innovate in tough market conditions? How do you continue to motivate and challenge staff to perform at top levels?”
There’s an old saying that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. For Peterborough, Ont.-based Flying Colours, quality is indeed an obsession – and cutting corners is not an option. Delivering top quality for money and creating happy clients is the number one priority.
Optimistic. This one word best describes how MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) operators and industry analysts are feeling about the future of the Canadian MRO market. There are a few key factors behind the sentiment according to Ray Jaworski, senior aerospace analyst with Forecast International.
Canadian MRO companies have been just as battered by the global recession as everyone else. But just how bad is it for these companies? “We are seeing a significant decline in sales in the AMO side of the business, and our manufacturing activity has all but ceased,”
When you discuss aircraft modifications and innovation, a Canadian name continually comes up around the world – Field Aviation. The company has set the standard in so many unique and special mission applications that it has become a leader in the field.
What would you risk to build a new business that you believed in, plus save the jobs of your friends and colleagues? For Alvin Gregorash and his wife Shirley, the answer was simple: They bet the farm.
Join the High Flyers! Private Jet Sales Executive Etobicoke, Ontario | Competitive salary + uncapped commission + benefits| Permanent The Company: Air Charter Service is an energetic company which has experienced rapid growth to become a market leader in its field with annual revenues exceeding $450m per year.
Join the High Flyers! Inside Sales Executive Etobicoke, Ontario | Competitive salary + uncapped commission + benefits| Permanent
Join the High Flyers! Inside Sales Executive Etobicoke, Ontario | Competitive salary + uncapped commission + benefits| Permanent
Rodan Air Maintenance Inc. is offering a unique opportunity for an exceptional individual. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and willing to be a part of the team that will take Rodan into the future, we are looking for you. Must have: Transport Canada M1 license Bell 206 series endorsement Fixed Wing experience (Cessna, Piper, Single Engine Series) 3-5 years minimum experience Willing to relocate to Whitehorse, Yukon Assets: R44 endorsement Hughes 500 endorsement DHC-2 experience Floats, Skis and Sheet Metal Offering competitive Salary and Benefits Package. Full-time employment working on commercial and private aircraft. Based 80% in Whitehorse Yukon and 20% travelling throughout the Yukon and Northern BC as needed. Rodan is an R44 and Continental FBO Service Center. Website is www.rodanair.com. If this interests you contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a complete job description and wage and benefit package. Rodan Air Maintenance Inc. thanks all applicants for your interest in this position, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
Certified Aircraft Mechanic Technician Location Edmonton-Airport Business unit Air Transat - Air transportation Job category Technical operations Type of work Permanent, full time Immediate supervisor Chef, opérations techniques, région de l'Ouest Salary level As per collective agreement Be part of the journey!
Operations Centre Agent (Airport Dispatch) - YVR Marquise Group is the fastest growing facilities management company in our industry. The company was incorporated in 1993 and belongs to Compass Group Canada group of companies. Currently, we have 3000 employees across Canada. Our company provides services in three different sectors: Facilities Management, Hospitality Services and Customer Service. As an industry leader, we provide services to commercial buildings, airport, retail, industrial, education and healthcare specialty facilities.
TITLE: MANAGER, STANDARDS, TRAINING and FLIGHT TECHNICAL LOCATION: MISSISSAUGA REPORTS TO:    The Manager, Standards, Training and Flight Technical reports to the System Chief Pilot. Responsible for coordination with Service Providers for provision of services in the areas of Standards, Training and Flight Technical according to Service Level Agreements. Represents Air Canada rouge in technical and policy meetings.
Who we are: We are one of Canada's busiest flight training schools located at Boundary Bay Airport (ZBB) and are currently seeking an ambitious individual to join our team as a Full-Time Dispatcher (40 hours per week).
Brampton Flying Club 13691 McLaughlin Rd Caledon, ON L7C 3L7 Title: Class 1 Instructor and Chief Duty Pilot Requirements and Qualifications: - Holder of Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Holder of a Multi Engine Class Rating - Holder of a current Group 1 Instrument Rating - Transport Canada certified Class 1 Flight Instructor - Experienced in ground school instruction -
Class 3 Flight Instructor Chatham, Ontario Weekends mainly contact Chief Flight Instructor 1-888-705-7787
Executive Flight Centre (EFC) has been setting standards in aviation fuel and service for over forty years. Headquartered in Calgary, with operations in both Alberta and British Columbia, EFC offers a diverse range of aviation services to meet the needs of airport users. EFC also offers additional expertise and services to customers throughout Western Canada in the areas of Airport / Aerodrome Services and Aviation Real Estate Development. Our vision is to provide an excellent quality of service to all customers in the Aviation Industry by focusing on Safety, Quality, Consistency and Customer Service.
Looking for Part-Time Customer Service Representative (CSR) We are Million Air Toronto - located at the Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport – CYKZ.

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