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ACTS Creates Strategic Partnership with Aero Inventory

Nov. 16, 2007, Montreal, Que.- ACTS has signed aten-year contract with Aero Inventory plc for the supply and management of a range of its consumable aircraft inventory.

November 16, 2007
Carey Fredericks

Nov. 16, 2007, Montreal, Que.- ACTS has signed an exclusive ten-year
contract with UK-based Aero Inventory plc for the supply and management of a
range of its consumable aircraft inventory, allowing ACTS to improve its
inventory management process, increase its access to consumable parts, reduce
its costs and improve customer turnaround time.
The service provided by Aero Inventory involves the management of
high-volume, in-house inventory and a significant number of suppliers.

"Through this partnership, ACTS will be better able to focus on its core
competencies by working with one single source for all its consumable parts
needs. Aero Inventory will give ACTS access to a wider network of aircraft
parts providers through a best-in-class integrated inventory management
process. This will improve our inventory mix and customer turnaround time,"
said Chahram Bolouri, President and CEO of ACTS. "ACTS will also become Aero
Inventory's channel to the market in the Americas, allowing both companies to
leverage their combined service offering to customers," he added.

"We are delighted to have been selected to partner with ACTS at this
pivotal time as Chahram Bolouri and his team set out to build ACTS into the
leading independent MRO in the Americas. Aero Inventory has long sought to
enter this key market. Alongside ACTS we now have the perfect opportunity to
promote our business model to the largest market in the world," said Rupert
Lewin, CEO of Aero Inventory.
This contract will involve the sale of ACTS's existing inventory to Aero
Inventory and a service agreement between both companies for the supply of
consumable aircraft parts.
Aero Inventory provides customized e-based procurement and inventory
management solutions to companies in the aerospace industry throughout the UK,
Continental Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific.


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