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AeroCourse launches digital versions of IFR and ATPL workbooks and manuals

March 29, 2023  By Wings Staff

AeroCourse launched the digital versions of the Canadian Instrument Rating Workbook, Canadian Airline Transport Pilot Licence Workbook and Aviation & Meteorology: Weather Fundamentals.

This digital option allows the user, explains AeroCourse, to access the resources by the next business day through an access code upon online purchase. The subscription lasts one year with annual renewal at reduced pricing.

The books can be accessed with a two-device maximum and students can highlight key information, add comments, search for key words, and access answer keys. AeroCourse explains its digital format has a few other key features, such as links to related websites and students will receive automatically updated information when an updated version is released.

These additional benefits, explains AeroCourse, also make it a good companion resource for those who still like the hard paper. AeroCourse also notes the digital versions allow students to access the information to study when on layovers and when studying from remote locations.


“Many students have indicated they want to accessing material digitally so providing this option is an important step for us,” said AeroCourse president and owner Rick Stevens. “We also see many additional benefits to this platform to add future resources for study.”

Students can obtain a copy of these new digital versions, via AeroCourse’s website, for workbooks at $59.95 and Aviation &Weather $78.95, with an annual subscription renewal of $20.00. Founded in 1988, AeroCourse materials have been used by aviation students for more than 25 years and thousands of Canadian pilots.


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