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Airbus keen to make lost luggage a thing of the past

Dec. 13, 2013, Paris, Fra. - Airbus has joined with luggage manufacturer Rimowa and information technology services company T-Systems for an innovative luggage solution to provide an improved baggage experience for passengers and the airlines that transport them.

December 13, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Designated “Bag2Go,” it involves a specially-designed suitcase equipped for real-time tracking, paperless check-in and self-service drop-off by integrating electronic tagging – which can be controlled via smart phone or tablet applications. It also can alert carriers when bags are headed onto the wrong aircraft, and allow for quicker return if luggage ends up in a different destination.

With support from the airline industry, Airbus and its partners will conduct tests on the Bag2Go system throughout next year.

 “It was very important for us to come up with an easy-to-use solution for passengers,” explained Airbus Innovation Manager Jan Reh. “We are working together with the industry, and Bag2Go is one piece in the overall puzzle to make luggage more controllable for airlines and provide passengers with a better travel experience.”

Nearly 26 million bags are lost or misplaced each year, which according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) accounts for some $2.5 billion dollars in lost revenue.


“This new technology is a fantastic enabler that will help the business transform itself, so that not only will fewer bags be mishandled but newer, more innovative ways of delivering those bags will be found.” said IATA’s Head of Baggage Services Andrew Price. “These technologies may seem like they are new today but within five years they will be absolutely common place."


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