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Airbus ProSky launches innovative flight tracking: AirFlight

Ahead of the 2016 ICAO requirement for flight tracking, Airbus ProSky, the air traffic management subsidiary of Airbus, is partnering with the popular flight-tracking company, Flightradar24. Backed by Airbus BizLab innovation team, Airbus ProSky will utilize Flightradar24’s aircraft positional data along with other aircraft data and additional sources of information in a new flight-tracking platform, AirFlight, to ensure aircraft operators can take maximum benefit of such technology.

June 17, 2015  By Airbus

“Knowing precisely where aircraft are – and where and when they will be anywhere – brings major benefits to the entire aviation community: to the operators, of course, but also to airports and air navigation services providers especially in the context of international flights, when surveillance data is not available or not shared,” said Sebastien Borel, Airbus ProSky General Manager. 

Airbus ProSky, part of the new “Services by Airbus” business unit, ensures that aircraft operators have all the tools necessary to operate efficiently, predictably and sustainably from gate-to-gate. AirFlight is also an important step towards building an Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) platform: if the operator desires, AirFlight data can be shared with airports and Air Navigation Services Providers through web access providing the necessary visibility for better flow management and airport logistics.

“AirFlight is meant to tackle three major items: provide flight tracking as required by the authorities, optimize airlines operations with statistical data on fuel, holding, and airport taxi situations, and provide a base for A-CDM with reliable information on airport demand and arrival time,” adds Sebastien Borel.

Philip Plantholt, Head of Business Strategy and Development of Flightradar24 said, “We are pleased to partner with Airbus ProSky to offer our real-time positional data for aircraft to an even larger audience of professional users and thereby help to optimize the complex flight operation environment. With our unique and fast growing global coverage, we are seeing the value our data can add.”


As ability to locate aircrafts’ precise location is made easier by AirFlight, the tool will also help airlines increase its predictability and efficiency for approaches, mitigate traffic demands at an airport and view their aircraft in any given sector. This tool will help aircraft operators better prepare their fleet for the demands of tomorrow, transforming how they operate on a daily basis.


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