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Airbus, Sinopec to develop biofuel in China

Sept. 25, 2012, Beijing, China - European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has partnered with China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) to develop and promote a renewable aviation biofuel called '1# bio-jetfuel'.

September 25, 2012  By

Sinopec will use its own technology to produce the fuel from biomass and waste oil, at its new Hangzhou refinery in Shanghai, while seeking Airbus's assistance in the selection of the feedstock.

Sinopec SVP DAI Houliang said the importance of bio-jetfuel was increasing in aviation for sustainable growth of the industry.

Sinopec is working with the Chinese Government to establish airworthiness certification process for alternative aviation fuels made from locally grown feedstock.

Houliang said: "Sinopec is assisting CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) in the airworthiness certification process and is proud to be collaborating with Airbus and other partners in the push for alternative aviation fuels."


Airbus will provide its technical experience obtained from previous certification processes with the EU.

The partners will work to establish an alternative fuel value chain in China to commercialise biofuel in the country, while using domestic resources and refining capabilities.

Currently, the aircraft maker supports similar alternative fuel value chains in Australia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Airbus China president Laurence Barron said: "Bio-fuels are a crucial part of the roadmap to meet aviation ambitious CO² targets.
We are privileged to be working with our Chinese partners to establish a domestic value chain in China, which is 100% Chinese."

In March 2012, Airbus joined a consortium, which includes Virgin Australia, to study ways to produce sustainable aviation fuels using eucalyptus mallee trees.

The company has also signed an agreement with Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer to collaborate on the development of aviation biofuels.


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