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Jazz pilot pathway program expands with Airmedic

June 12, 2023  By Wings Staff

Jazz Aviation LP, a subsidiary of Chorus Aviation, has expanded its Jazz Aviation Pathways Program to include Airmedic, based in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. Airmedic is the 21st participating industry organization in the Jazz APP.

Jazz Aviation LP is the largest regional carrier in Canada and the primary operator of Air Canada Express flights to 81 destinations across North America. Airmedic is the only company in Quebec operating its own fleet of planes and helicopters exclusively dedicated to emergency medical assistance and transfers between hospitals.

“Welcoming Airmedic from Quebec is an important step in Jazz’s continued commitment to creating opportunities for pilots,” said Cal Purves, Vice President, Flight Operations, Jazz. “With a growing demand for pilots in Canada and around the world, expanding our pilot pathway program will help ensure that we are providing the next generation of pilots with the skills and experience needed to succeed in this exciting and challenging field.”

Jazz explains there are two pillars of this agreement. First, Jazz will refer to Airmedic top-performing graduates who have progressed through the Jazz Aviation Pathways Program’s (APP) affiliated aviation colleges, universities and flight schools. These graduates will have the opportunity to transition to first officer positions at Airmedic.


Second, the agreement will provide a direct career path opportunity for qualifying Airmedic pilots to transition to first officer positions at Jazz. The career pathway could then continue for those Airmedic pilots interested in future opportunities to fly for Air Canada through Jazz’s pathway with the mainline carrier.

“We are delighted to work in collaboration with Jazz to develop the next generation. This collaboration demonstrates our shared commitment, which allows our personnel to develop their careers over the long term while facilitating their integration and transition into the commercial transportation sector.

“Airmedic is the first francophone Quebec carrier to develop this type of relationship with Jazz,” said Nicolas Charette, Director, Aircraft Operations, Airmedic. “Our safety results, the reality of our operations, and the calibre of our training are recognized and have established standards that adequately prepare the francophone succession of tomorrow.”

Since 2007, Jazz has been actively involved in shaping the curriculum and training of Canada’s future professional pilots through active engagement with aviation colleges, flight schools, and universities.


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