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“Americans for Fair Skies” denounce Emirates carriers for not operating fairly

March 2, 2015, Washington, D.C. - Americans for Fair Skies has unveiled a new radio advertisement and a series of digital and print ads. These advertisements will be prominent throughout the Washington, DC market in the coming weeks with the intent to raise awareness about the devastating impact the subsidization by the governments of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates of their airlines is having on U.S. aviation jobs.

March 2, 2015  By Americans for Fair Skies

A new white board video will also be released today on, explaining how the Gulf airlines are subsidized by their governments. The white board video, the radio ads, and examples of the digital and print ads can all be found at along with more facts on the Gulf airlines’ government subsidies.

Captain Lee Moak, President of the Americans for Fair Skies, will be available this week for media interviews to discuss the group’s work to restore fairness to our Open Skies agreement by ending the Gulf airline subsidies.

Said Moak: “What Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are doing by subsidizing their airlines with more than $40 billion in government money is predatory protectionism at its worst. They are anti-Open Skies by undermining the principles of open markets by subsidizing their airlines. These Middle East airlines would not be in existence due to their massive financial losses if it were not for the subsidies by their governments. The evidence is clear. Facts are facts. The U.S. government has the proof it needs to take action. It’s time for the U.S. government restore fairness to our Open Skies and end the Gulf subsidies.”

The governments of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are engaging in predatory protectionism by grossly subsidizing their airlines with more than $40 billion, distorting the international marketplace and in doing so, are turning the Open Skies policy they agreed to with the United States on its head. In the global marketplace, U.S. airlines and their employees can compete and win if the playing field is level. AfFS is working to restore policies that re-level the playing field against state-subsidized competition from foreign governments and their airlines, and to protect the jobs and futures of American aviation workers.


Americans for Fair Skies is asking the United States government to take action to restore fairness to our skies and ensure a future for the American aviation industry and those who depend on it for their livelihoods by upholding the original intent of the Open Skies agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar and ensuring the Gulf government subsidies end.


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