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Avianis launches new management software

Sept. 13, 2012, Austin, Tx. - Today, the private aviation market has been under served by the lack of sophisticated operational technology designed to "connect" internal operating processes with customer preferences and regulatory requirements.

September 13, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Operators have been using disparate technologies designed with silo functionality for specific things such as aircraft scheduling, maintenance, charter quoting, dispatching, pilot duty time, training, Homeland Security clearance, SMS, customer and market engagement and a host of other critical operating processes.

Avianis has been studying this problem and subsequently created a solution by building an integrated technological ecosystem that reduces cost, improves revenue and creates an improved customer engagement experience. Daniel Tharp, Managing Director of Avianis said "We are happy to announce the latest release to the Avianis Ecosystem designed to provide all encompassing business management and marketing solutions to private aviation operators, brokers and affinity service providers. We have worked tirelessly and closely with our clients to more tightly integrate the four main areas of our solution suite; AirManager, AirChatter, AirTerminal and Avianis Management Services. With Avianis, brokers and operators can communicate with partners, vendors and clients through a single business management suite. We are certainly proud to be the first end-to-end online management solution for the business aviation community."

The new ecosystem for private aviation firms includes AirChatter, AirManager, AirTerminal and Avianis Management Services (AMS):

AirChatter is a free marketplace of exchange currently representing over 300 organizations. Utilizing our state-of-the-art web and social networking technology, AirChatter brings the business aviation community together like never before. In AirChatter, buyers and sellers have the ability to leverage the many social aspects of the marketplace as a sales tool and/or as a service-sourcing resource. Through real-time messaging and many other great tools, it has never been this easy to post or find charter inventory and much more.


AirManager will meet all of your fleet and crew scheduling needs with a range of intuitive calendars, trip management tools and regulatory reports. In AirManager, you can leverage business-focused management tools that provide CRM, billing, aircraft maintenance & crew qualification tracking, business intelligence, and much more. Imagine if your scheduling and operations management software were integrated directly to your accounting and ERP systems. Imagine no more… you can integrate to your back office systems like never before.

AirTerminal is a custom website designed for the modern marketplace. We provide the resources and technology that enables an effective web presence with fully-integrated Avianis widgets for improved customer engagement and lead capture. Each custom AirTerminal implementation is designed to provide your buyers with a self-service portal to get real-time quotes, access trip manifest, past billing and all related charter information and communications.
Avianis Management Services (AMS) consist of consulting and educational services designed to equip operators with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively address the business challenges of the 21st Century. The categories of service offerings include research & analysis, process improvement and social media marketing.


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