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Award-winning book makes sense of safety management

Sept. 11, 2012, Sydney, Aus. - Australian author and aviation consultant, Rob Collins’ has been honoured, as a winner at the prestigious annual Global E-Book Awards.

September 11, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

The E-book edition of his book, “Safety Management without the Mumbo Jumbo” was announced as the winner in the aviation category on the 18th August at a gala ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. About the award, Rob said, “I’m chuffed. I wrote this as a simple book and the award has increased awareness and understanding about this subject. Aviation safety is the real winner!”

“Safety Management without the Mumbo Jumbo” is about how to manage safety. The book demystifies safety management. Simple explanations and anecdotes make this book an interesting read for anyone who has an interest in or who is responsible for safety. The book has been published in hard copy and E-Book format.

The author is Rob Collins who has had a long career in the aviation industry. His experience as a general aviation and international airline pilot, aviation safety regulator and consultant has equipped him well to write this book. As a former Senior Executive of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and now an industry consultant, Rob has seen many opportunities for safety improvement and he uses these experiences to illustrate important safety messages in the book. Although his ideas have been developed largely from experience in the aviation industry, Rob says, they are applicable to any industry where risk needs to be carefully managed. Rob avoids what he calls, “consultant and academic Yuk-speak” about safety management. This book provides the basics about safety management in a way that is clear and simple to understand. Those who read this book and apply the principles will improve safety and profitability.



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