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BLR announces first sales of Whisper Prop propeller system

BLR Aerospace has announced the first sales of its new Whisper Prop™ propeller system.  Seven propeller systems have been ordered, and the first, for a King Air 90 GTi, was delivered in May.

July 21, 2015  By BLR

All of the U.S.- and European-based corporate and private use operators who purchased Whisper Prop are already flying with BLR Winglets. When used together, Winglets and Whisper Prop maximize a range of performance gains while also delivering significant noise reductions. The systems may also be installed independently.

BLR introduced the fully certified five-blade, carbon fiber propeller in May. The system, which also features a natural composite core, is manufactured by MT-Propeller of Germany.

“The reductions in noise and vibration are so significant that operators are taking notice,” said BLR Aerospace Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Marone. “In fact, one customer said that with Whisper Prop, his King Air 90 GTi is more like a turbojet than a turboprop.” Marone said operators also appreciate that the system is lightweight and the performance gains are substantial. “As we expected, there is strong market demand for this technology.”

Three BLR dealers (Blackhawk Modifications, 307; Elliott Aviation, 2006; and Westar Aviation, 1139) will be exhibiting and available to discuss Whisper Prop during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, July 20-26.


Company King Air 90 GTi flight test data shows that Whisper Prop provides a 30-50 percent reduction in noise, measured in dB, depending on audible frequency, when compared to the standard King Air 90GTx propeller. In conjunction with Winglets, the system also delivers runway length reductions up to 33 percent, as well as significant gains in useful load. Other benefits include access to shorter fields to reduce trip times and greater safety margins. When purchased together, the Winglets and propeller come with a certified Flight Manual Supplement verifying superior performance when compared to the factory 90GTx or B200 performance manuals.

Now, “operators can enjoy the short-field performance and interior space of a King Air with comfort surpassing the comparatively space-limited entry level business jet — all while flying an aircraft they already own,” Marone said. “It’s a rational and compelling value proposition.”

Unlike conventional propellers, Whisper Prop features a carbon fiber blade with natural composite core that significantly dampens vibration. By designing the King Air 90 propeller with a relatively small 83-inch diameter, Whisper Prop exhibits exceptionally quiet operation.

The BLR Winglet System increases wing aspect ratio to reduce induced drag. By increasing wing efficiency, Winglets provide superior speed, climb, fuel efficiency and handling qualities.       


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