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Bombardier boosts its Smart Services Portfolio

April 16, 2013, Montreal - Bombardier Aerospace today launched its newest and most convenient cost-per-flight-hour parts coverage program for business aircraft operators.

April 16, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

The Smart Parts Preferred program builds on Bombardier's successful Smart Parts Plus program to bring parts replacement cost protection, and the peace of mind and budget predictability that comes with it, to a whole new level.

The Smart Parts Preferred program offers a range of sought-after new features developed in response to feedback from customers, including flight-hour price commitments over a longer term, more component coverage, enhanced program transfer features at aircraft resale and simplified program administration.

"We designed the Smart Parts Preferred program with the needs of our customers in mind," said Gary Martin, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Service Programs, Customer Services, Bombardier Aerospace. "An extended term, expanded coverage and a resale advantage all add up to the convenient, predictable and worry-free ownership experience that our customers are looking for when they purchase a Bombardier business aircraft."

The Smart Parts Preferred program is offered at entry-into-service to customers who purchase the Learjet 60 XR, Challenger 300, Challenger 605, Challenger 850, Global 5000 and Global 6000 business jets, as well as for new programs, such as the Learjet 70, Learjet 75, Learjet 85, Global 7000 and Global 8000 aircraft.


The Smart Parts Preferred program encompasses all the features of the Smart Parts Plus program with the convenience of component exchange coverage for major airframe systems (including avionics), as well as tires and brakes, life-limited airframe system components and kits for most alert and recommended Bombardier service bulletins.

Customers taking delivery of their new Bombardier business aircraft will receive details on these new program enhancements:

—  Guaranteed flight-hour rates for a longer term
—  Expanded component coverage providing greater cost predictability and
—  Convenient program transfer features at aircraft resale
—  No administration fees to enroll or transfer
—  Reduced administrative work
—  Simpler handling of minimum flight-hour payments
Bombardier's pioneering Smart Services portfolio also includes Smart Parts Plus and Smart Maintenance Plus for new aircraft deliveries. The Smart Parts program celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011 and over 1,200 aircraft are currently enrolled in all of Bombardier's Smart Services Programs combined, accounting for over four million flight hours to date.


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