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British balloonists’ transatlantic quest thwarted as troubles force landing in N.L

July 21, 2023  By The Canadian Press

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. — Two ballooning Brits have abandoned their quest to fly across the Atlantic after technical issues forced them to land in Newfoundland this morning.

U.K. residents Mike and Deborah Scholes lifted off from a New Brunswick field on Thursday morning in a Rozier hot air balloon, bound for the other side of the ocean.

They hoped to cross the Atlantic in about six days, with the balloon’s trajectory and landing spot determined by the direction and speed of the winds.

But their Facebook page says they had to land unexpectedly in central Newfoundland after just 19 hours of flight because of an unspecified technical problem.


The post says it would have been unwise for them to continue their journey but adds that the “setback” has not dampened the couple’s adventurous spirits.

If their mission had been successful, Deborah Scholes would have been the first woman to captain a balloon across the Atlantic and her husband the first registered blind person to crew.

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