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The Honourable Vic Toews, announced $33.25 million in federal funding for a strategic infrastructure project under the APGCI.

September 20, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

WINNIPEG, MAY 24/07 — The Honourable Vic Toews, President of the Treasury Board, on behalf of the Honourable David Emerson, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics, along with the Honourable Ron Lemieux, Minister of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, today announced $33.25 million in federal funding for a strategic infrastructure project in Winnipeg under the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative (APGCI).

"Manitoba plays an integral role in Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway strategy," said Minister Toews. "This commitment helps ensure that this province will continue to reap the benefits of our improved access to expanding international markets."

"Today's investment will contribute significantly to Canada's competitiveness in the rapidly changing world of global commerce, as well as benefit the communities by upgrading local infrastructure," said Minister Emerson. "We are committed to establishing the Gateway as the link between North America and Asia, and will continue to work with the provinces and stakeholders to make it happen."

Funding will go towards upgrades to Inkster Boulevard between the Winnipeg Perimeter Highway and Oakpoint Highway. It will include twinning 6.6 km of Inkster Boulevard to a four-lane divided highway, building an interchange at Sturgeon Road, constructing a new overpass at the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) mainline and making interchange improvements at the Northwest Perimeter Highway. These upgrades will improve access to trucking depots, the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and the CPR freight terminal, as well as reduce truck travel times, therefore increasing the efficiency of the Gateway.


The local community will benefit from this project, which will improve traffic flow, create jobs and improve the quality of life of local residents. This will also lead to environmental benefits, as the upgrades to Inkster Boulevard will reduce congestion and vehicle emissions.

"This project supports our efforts to further develop the province as a sustainable transportation and distribution gateway and increase our economic opportunities and growth," said Minister Lemieux. "Manitoba has had a significant role as a transportation hub and we look forward to taking advantage of emerging opportunities."

The APGCI is a national project that will provide economic benefits to all Canadians. The Government of Canada has committed over $1 billion to the initiative and is working closely with the governments of the four Western provinces, municipal governments, regional transportation agencies and private sector leaders.

The Prime Minister launched the APGCI in October 2006. Progress has already been made in construction, planning, project selection, port amalgamation, policy development, technology application and international cooperation and marketing.


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