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Charter group KlasJet gets Canadian foreign air operator certificate

November 24, 2023  By Wings Staff

Lithuanian charter airline KlasJet, which operates as an aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI) leasing service provider, has started ACMI operations in Canada.

In a Nov. 24 news release, KlasJet officials said the company recently obtained a Canadian foreign air operator certificate (FAOC) and is now open to inquiries.

“One of our main long-term strategic goals at KlasJet is to cater to a variety of regions worldwide,” KlasJet CEO Justinas Bulka said. “Being able to provide services in Canada will make us even more attractive to possible future partners.”

Currently, KlasJet operates a 14-aircraft fleet, consisting of five classic and one BBJ Boeing 737 with capacities ranging from 23 to 68 seats, and eight Boeing 737-800s with a capacity of 186 or 189 passengers for ACMI leasing.


KlasJet is part of the Avia Solutions Group family, said to be the world’s largest ACMI provider, operating a fleet of 192 aircraft.


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