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Close call for Air Canada Jazz flight in Saskatoon

Jan. 21, 2010, Saskatoon - The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating after an Air Canada Jazz passenger jet had to make a quick manoeuvre just after takeoff from Saskatoon's airport to avoid a small plane.

January 21, 2010  By The Canadian Press

A Transport Canada report says the Jazz flight crew was alerted by an automated sensing system about a single-engine Cessna in the area after leaving John Diefenbaker International Airport for Vancouver last Sunday afternoon.

TSB regional manager Peter Hildebrand says the small aircraft was inbound under the instructions of air traffic controllers when it flew through the departure path of the jet.

He says the pilots had each other in sight and that ''drastic evasive action'' was not needed, adding that there was a significant distance between the two aircraft when they passed each other.

The Cessna belongs to Saskatoon-based Mitchinson Flying Service Ltd., and it's not known how many people were on board both planes.


Nav Canada, which handles air traffic control, is also involved in the investigation.


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