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Eclipse Aviation receives Level D simulator certification

Jan. 18, 2008, Albuquerque, NM - Eclipse Aviation has announced that he FAA has certified its first flight simulator, manufactured by OPINICUS, as a Level D Full Motion Device.

January 18, 2008  By Carey Fredericks

Jan. 18, 2008, Albuquerque, NM – Eclipse Aviation, manufacturer of
the world's first very light jet (VLJ), has announced the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) has certified its first flight simulator,
manufactured by OPINICUS, as a Level D Full Motion Device.  Obtaining
this level of certification on the first attempt is unprecedented for a
new manufacturer of a new aircraft.  Level D is the highest
qualification the FAA grants for simulators, and this certification will
allow Eclipse Aviation to type certify student pilots without having to
train in an aircraft.

Immediately after achieving Level D certification, Eclipse initiated the
certification process for its Part 142 syllabus and integration of the
simulators and learning environment.  This second part of the
certification is scheduled to conclude in late January with an official
Part 142 certificate from the FAA. 

The certification was the result of a successful partnership between
Eclipse Aviation, OPINICUS of Lutz, FL, Higher Power Aviation (HPA) of
Dallas, TX, and Flight Simulation Company (FSC) of Amsterdam, The

"It is quite a feat for a new manufacturer to be granted this level of
flight simulator certification on the first try, and particularly so
with an aircraft as innovative as the Eclipse 500," said Vern Raburn,
president and CEO of Eclipse Aviation.  "These simulators will play a
major role in our progressive training program, and this milestone
reflects our commitment to bring only the highest-quality training
devices and instruction to our customers."


Eclipse's training capacity is accelerating with each new certified
device.  The company expects to have three Full Motion Level D
simulators in customer operation by April 2008, with the second device
slated to receive certification in February, and the third in March
2008.  Eclipse continues to use a Flight Training Device (FTD) for
cockpit procedures training, flight skills assessment, and to augment
training and improve proficiency.  Eclipse expects to have all four full
motion simulators in operation by late 2008.  

Following official Part 142 approval, Eclipse will begin its first
simulator training class for customers in late January, 2008 with
subsequent classes beginning in February 2008.


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