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Eclipse Aviation Updates Avio NG with dual Garmin® GPS 400W units

April 4, 2008, Albuquerque, NM — Eclipse Aviation yesterday announced the incorporation of dual integrated Garmin GPS 400W units into Avio NG, providing state-of-the-art GPS navigation to the Eclipse 500®.

April 4, 2008  By Carey Fredericks

avio_cockpitApril 4, 2008, Albuquerque, NM — Eclipse Aviation yesterday announced the incorporation of dual integrated Garmin GPS 400W units into Avio NG, providing state-of-the-art GPS navigation to the Eclipse 500®.

“The addition of the Garmin GPS units provides Eclipse 500 customers with a comprehensive GPS navigation solution,” said Vern Raburn, Eclipse Aviation president and CEO. “Garmin’s industry leading GPS systems will allow us to deliver updated Avio NG capabilities this summer, with all functionality commitments delivered to our customers by the end of this year.”

The dual GPS 400W units provide functionality including:

  • Enroute and terminal navigational guidance with Avio NG autopilot coupling;
  • Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) capability for coupled autopilot Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approaches;
  • Flight path overlay integrated on Avio NG’s navigational displays; and
  • Integrated navigational source selection.

Coupled with the Eclipse 500’s integrated performance computer, weight and balance tools, and moving map, the GPS 400W units enable delivery of Flight Management System (FMS) functionality. The integrated GPS 400W units also provide the navigational capability for private and commercial operations worldwide.


“Garmin is pleased to expand its relationship with Eclipse and deliver this new functionality to Eclipse customers through the GPS 400W. Pilots around the world have learned to fly with Garmin avionics and the GPS 400W will make the transition into the Eclipse 500 easier than ever because it offers them the same performance and Eclipse Aviation Updates Avio NG with Dual Garmin GPS 400W Units 2-2-2-2reliability that they have come to know and appreciate from Garmin,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of marketing.

An Eclipse 500 flight test aircraft outfitted with the Garmin GPS 400W units is currently undergoing in-flight developmental testing. Eclipse expects certification of the configuration this summer, with production incorporation occurring in late summer. All in-service customer aircraft will be retrofitted with dual GPS 400W units at Eclipse’s expense. The GPS 400W units will be mounted below both Primary Flight Displays (PFD) on the Eclipse 500 and will replace the pilot and co-pilot keyboards.

Eclipse Aviation received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of Avio NG on December 20, 2007, with the support of its world-class partners, including Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. (IS&S), Honeywell, Garmin International, and PS Engineering, Inc.

About Avio NG
Designed by Eclipse Aviation exclusively for the Eclipse 500, Avio NG provides
Total Aircraft Integration through integral, redundant computer systems and advanced data and power distribution systems. Avio NG applies integration technology to the entire aircraft, including avionics, engine operation, fuel system, flaps, landing gear, cabin pressure and temperature. The flight deck features two PFDs, one MFD, and two Garmin GPS 400Ws which are controlled by selection keys and knobs on the displays. The PFDs and MFD provide the pilot with high-resolution display of all flight parameters, engine and system performance data, and total system control.

About Eclipse Aviation
Eclipse Aviation is the world’s leading very light jet (VLJ) manufacturer, producing innovative, affordable jets that are revolutionizing air transportation. The company created the VLJ category with the design, certification and delivery of the Eclipse
500® — the industry's first VLJ. Eclipse applies advances in technology, manufacturing processes and business practices to create high-performance aircraft that cost a fraction of other jets, and provide the lowest cost of jet ownership ever achieved. By changing the value proposition for private jet travel, Eclipse is allowing more pilots to enter the world of jet-powered aviation and enabling a new generation of entrepreneurs to help business travelers move between cities on a quick, affordable and convenient basis. Contact Eclipse at .


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