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Eirtech Aviation, WestJet partner on warning system development

Oct. 18, 2013, Cork, Ire. - Ireland-based Eirtech Aviation has won a major contract from WestJet to install and maintain advanced warning cabin pressurisation systems.

October 18, 2013  By

Cabin pressurization is vital in providing a safe environment for passengers and crew at altitudes of 3,800 metres and above.

The work under the latest contract will be carried out on the airline's Boeing 737 fleet.

The time-saving and cost-effective system, developed by Eirtech Aviation, is an AMOC solution to a Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Airworthiness Directives (FAA Airworthiness directives AD2012-19-11 and AD2013-02-05).

These directives mandate a further level of warning and awareness for the crew by enhancing visual and aural annunciation in the cockpit, allowing pilots to accurately and safely differentiate between take off configuration indicators and cabin altitude pressurisation warnings.


Eirtech Aviation CEO Niall Cunningham said: "Our approved solution allows us to bypass routing through junction 46, avoiding additional unnecessary testing of unrelated systems."

Eirtech Aviation said its design system has received all the required STC and AMOC approvals from the FAA, EASA, and the Canadian Transport Authority.

"Any modifications can be made, on site, by the Eirtech Aviation solution and we are best placed to provide a global solution to mandated changes that must be implemented by May 2016," Cunningham added.


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