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Epic Aircraft gets set for production and certification

Epic Aircraft is accelerating investments in support of its E1000 Type Certification (TC) and production ramp. With structural testing in full swing, the first conforming prototype slated to fly in coming weeks, and the E1000 production line nearing completion, Epic is within sight of the finish line, but the company does acknowledge there have been delays.

July 27, 2015  By Epic Aircraft

“We are fully committed to achieving TC as quickly as possible, but there are certain elements of this process that are not in our control. Structural testing is going extremely well, validating the proven strength of the original design, and we anticipate our flight test program will proceed just as smoothly and efficiently. We are solidly on track for certification by the first half of 2016, with initial deliveries and production ramp to follow,” says Epic CEO, Doug King.

“Our manufacturing program is very mature. The fact that we have already been building Epic LT’s for the last ten years is a tremendous advantage for us. We are investing heavily in production tooling, systems, and factory infrastructure. And we are now building conforming parts to inventory,” reported King. The E1000 production line, which will eventually yield one aircraft per week, utilizes lean manufacturing practices to standardize procedures, optimize quality, and increase efficiency.

Market interest in the E1000 continues to build, as evidenced by its growing reservation book. “The market is just now beginning to appreciate our exceptional price-performance,” King added. “We are seeing accelerating interest from customers, as well as from the media, and will ramp production as quickly as possible to service that demand.”

The E1000 perfectly addresses the market need for a high speed, low-cost aircraft that can efficiently support individual owner pilots, as well as corporate, fractional and charter operations. “We expect to secure a significant portion of the single-engine turboprop market and offer business jet owners a more versatile, lower-cost platform,” said Mike Schrader, Epic Director of Sales & Marketing. “The E1000 will be the fastest, most adaptable and affordable, six-place single-engine turboprop in the world.”


Competitively priced at $2.95 million, the sleek E1000 all-composite airframe, powered by the 1200-horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A turbine engine, travels at speeds over 325 KTAS, offering a range of 1,650 nautical miles, and a payload of 1,120+ pounds with full fuel. “This is a true ‘fill the tanks’ and ‘fill the seats’ airplane, delivering jet-class performance at turboprop prices,” said Doug King, Epic CEO.

To complement its category-defying speed, range and payload, Epic is introducing a new level of styling and design to the aviation industry. The E1000 includes a fully redesigned flight deck, upgraded crew and passenger seating, enhanced cabin amenities, and expanded interior storage. The flight deck features an ergonomically optimized all-glass panel, with the Garmin G1000 3-screen avionics suite, synthetic vision, and safety-focused technologies, such as vital traffic, weather and engine monitoring systems.

The company has doubled its staff in the last year and expects those numbers to continue to climb. “Epic Aircraft is well-funded and growing and we will continue to seek highly skilled aviation talent to support our certification and delivery efforts,” commented King.


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