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EPIC to support Boeing ecoDemonstrator 787 flight

December 4, 2014, Salem, OR - EPIC Aviation, LLC (EPIC) is proud to support The Boeing Company (Boeing) in its continuing efforts to make green diesel an alternative to petroleum-based jet fuel.

December 4, 2014  By Wings Magazine

EPIC provided Boeing with the technical and logistical support to make green diesel available for use in its ecoDemonstrator Program. The Boeing ecoDemonstrator Program is designed to identify and fast track technologies that can improve the environmental performance of aviation.
EPIC provided the transportation of NESTE green diesel from Finland to Paine Field in Everett, Wa. (KPAE).  Utilizing the fuel storage facilities at Castle & Cooke’s fixed based operation, the renewable green diesel was blended with locally produced petroleum jet fuel to 15% green diesel by volume. After blending the jet fuel with the green diesel it was rigorously tested at an ASTM-approved laboratory. The results met the required specifications for ASTM 1655 jet fuel and were cleared by Boeing for the test flights. The fuel delivered to Boeing’s fuel facility at Boeing Field (KBFI) was uplifted into the ecoDemonstrator 787 airplane to support test flights.  EPIC expects these test flights will clearly demonstrate the advantages of using a green diesel blend to improve aviation’s environmental sustainability.
EPIC provided the same technical fuel standard for this project as it does throughout the EPIC and UVair FBO Networks. “We commend Boeing for leading the industry in support of renewable jet fuel,” said David Zanussi, EPIC VP Commercial Sales and Supply.
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