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ERJ 135 corporate shuttle at NBAA


ERJ 135 corporate shuttle at NBAA
Embraer’s ECC Leasing Company Ltd. will showcase the 16-seat, corporate shuttle version of the ERJ 135 jet at the NBAA's annual Meeting & Convention, in Orlando, Oct. 20-22.

October 16, 2009  By Carey Fredericks

Oct. 16, 2009, São José dos Campos, Brazil –
Embraer’s ECC Leasing Company Limited will
showcase the 16-seat, corporate shuttle version of
the ERJ 135 jet at the National Business Aviation
Association (NBAA) 62nd Annual Meeting &
Convention, in Orlando, Florida., U.S., October
20-22. The aircraft is certified by Brazil’s Civil
Aviation National Agency (Agência Nacional de
Aviação Civil – ANAC), the U.S. Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA), and the
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

“Following a detailed market review, which identified a growing demand for cost-effective and versatile shuttle aircraft, ECC Leasing elected to convert some of its current 37-seat ERJ 135 aircraft into an all-new 16-seat business shuttle configuration,” said Paulo Estevão de Carvalho Tullio, Director of ECC Leasing.

The conversion work was completed in four months at Embraer Aircraft Maintenance
Services (EAMS), in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. The reconfiguration involved fully removing
the existing passenger cabin, which was replaced by a very comfortable VIP layout. The
galley structure and rear lavatory were replaced by a new interior that provides a finish
aligned with the new corporate role of the aircraft.

In addition to the full interior reconfiguration, such structural modifications as a flat floor
stand-up cabin were performed. The chemical-based oxygen generation system for emergency
situations was changed to a gaseous system, as already used in the Legacy 600 executive jet,
thus enhancing the aircraft’s attractiveness to the corporate market.


Embraer believes that the added performance benefits, such as an operational range of 1,910
nautical miles (3,537 km) and steep approach certification for London City Airport (LCY),
increase the market potential of the aircraft, making it of particular interest to corporate
customers and small successful charter operators who offer premium passenger services.

The converted 16-seat corporate shuttle ERJ 135 has already proven its winning attributes. It
was purchased by the Brazilian Air Force through a contract with ECC, in 2008, for the sale
of two aircraft, which have already been delivered and are in operation.


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