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Esterline to supply Triman with Korry-branded indicators

Esterline, a global leader in aerospace technologies, will supply distributor Triman Industries, Inc., with its Korry-branded press-to-test indicators for resale to the Defense Logistic Agency (DLA), the U.S. Department of Defense's combat logistics support agency. The DLA will be restocking its inventory with a multi-year supply of the Korry indicators, critical components for master-caution assemblies in the F-16 cockpit.

June 20, 2017  By Esterline

Esterline has supplied Korry switching and display products and other human-machine interface solutions for the F-16 multirole fighter since the inception of the program. Triman Industries is a specialized distribution company providing military land, sea and air aftermarket products to the defense industry.

“Esterline has been a consistent supplier to the F-16 program since first production in the 1970s and over many upgrades,” said Rob Gibbs, president of Esterline’s Korry unit. “Our partnership with the highly regarded distributor Triman underscores our commitment to keep supporting this versatile aircraft, one of the most common in service, not only in the U.S. armed forces but also in those of our allies worldwide.”

“This procurement by DLA of Esterline’s Korry products for the F-16 highlights our core competence: to serve as the critical link between end users and best-in-class suppliers,” said Scott Truskin, President of Triman Industries. “We pay close attention to the details, especially in the attentive service and uncompromising quality assurance that support long-term relationships. Both our suppliers and customers know they can rely on us.”



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