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Extended range on high speed Global 5000

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Extended range on high speed Global 5000
Bombardier Aerospace has announced that the Global 5000 aircraft extended range option is now available at Bombardier Service Centers.

May 11, 2009  By Administrator


May 11, 2009, Geneva, Switzerland – Bombardier Aerospace today announced that the Global 5000 aircraft extended range option is now available at Bombardier Service Centers. The service bulletin regarding the 400-nautical mile (NM) (741 km) increase to the non-stop intercontinental range of the Global 5000 business jet was issued on April 21.

The significant range extension will be obtained by increasing the Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) to 92,500 lbs, allowing for a fuel tank capacity increase. The first installation of the service bulletin on an in-service Global 5000 jet was completed at Bombardier’s Fort Lauderdale Service Center in Florida.

“This is fantastic news for Global 5000 aircraft operators who look forward to getting the most of this impressive high-speed jet and having access to even more destinations non-stop,” said Bob Horner, senior vice-president, Sales, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

Flying at its typical cruise speed of Mach 0.85 (907 km/h), the Global 5000 jet now offers a non-stop range of 5,200 NM (9,630 km)* – eight percent more. The extended range increases travel flexibility to include key city pairs such as London-Los Angeles, 4,742 NM (8,782 km), Sao Paulo-Paris, 5,065 NM (9,380 km), Hong Kong-Wellington, 5,097 NM (9,440 km), New York-Honolulu, 4,331 NM (8,021 km), and Dubai-Perth, 4,873 NM (9,025 km).


The Global 5000 business jet’s category-leading high cruise speed of Mach 0.89 (950 km/hr)* and superior short field performance trims up to a full hour from long distance routes such as Moscow-New York (nine hours, 29 minutes) Johannesburg-Geneva (10 hours), Jeddah-Jakarta (nine hours, 53 minutes) and Sao Paulo-Madrid (nine hours, 20 minutes).

The aircraft has the widest and most spacious super-large jet cabin, paired with one of the most technologically advanced cabin electronic systems available today. It will also feature the new Global Vision flight deck. The new Pro Line Fusion avionics suite is paired with superior design aesthetics to create the ultimate flight control environment, providing Global aircraft pilots with an unprecedented level of situational awareness and comfort.


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