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First Cessna Citation enters commercial airline service in Europe

Geneva, Sui. - Cessna Aircraft Company has announced that its customer, Hahn Air Lines, is operating a fleet of Cessna Citation CJ4s for scheduled airline service, making the CJ4 the first Citation business jet to be used for commercial airline service.

May 20, 2015  By Cessna

The German scheduled and charter airline operator uses the CJ4 for its Dusseldorf / Luxemburg route, giving Hahn Air the efficiency and performance of a Citation and its passengers the comfort and amenities of the spacious business jet cabin.

The CJ4 is the first jet in its class to achieve authorization for use in commercial airline service. As a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Hahn Air was required to submit the CJ4 for the extensive IATA Operational Safety Audit.

“Cessna is proud that the Citation CJ4 is the first business jet in its class to pass the IATA audit, proving it met or exceeded more than 1,000 rigorous standards for safety and advanced flight operations,” said Tom Perry, vice president, Sales, Europe for Textron Aviation. “The CJ4 is an excellent fit for Hahn Air’s growth in scheduled and charter operations in what is one of the most dynamic business centres in Europe. The CJ4 is widely accepted as the best performing light jet on the market based on speed, runway performance and its excellent range.”

The IATA Operational Safety Audit program assesses the operational management and control systems of an airline and it accommodates both FAA and EASA standards for commercial air transport. Several aircraft and operating modifications were made to the CJ4 to accommodate standards, including a locking cockpit door and other cockpit modifications, emergency lighting, passenger safety briefing and conducting flight operations in a multi-crew environment.



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